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  1. up up and away
  2. one big happy family hehe
  3. come on speed up the phases hahaha
  4. Cant wait for it Berzeck just quit your job and focus on WDC full time hahahahaha
  5. Well i think cRAPS just got owned so life ban coming up hehe
  6. ok i never heard of borrowing a game from the library, where you from?
  7. no i never actually tried that sorry mate :/
  8. well the linux wallet on the worldcoin site works well for me
  9. interesting read so you want us to be quick picking up some WDC's
  10. well i think i dont have to say what oldie but a goldie i play on my nes emulator
  11. nahh i dont think it will last long
  12. Well i would recommend my 2 favored canceled shows John Doe and Firefly, i loved them but they were to short of a time on the air.
  13. i see that you like your color blue on your new web page
  14. what happend to your friend RAPS? After this post he just went silante
  15. I personaly would love for WDC to be more the coin for most internet transactions