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  1. Back to China!

    how exited times we live in.
  2. Phases

    So i have been reading around the forum and see that Berzeck refers many times to phase 1 and 2 and that there are more phases coming. Can you tell us just in rough terms how many phases there are and what the main thing is about each phase or is this just top secret hehe
  3. Thanks

    I just wanted to thank the WDC developing team especially Berzeck i had a problem with my wallet and the blockchain download and he found my problem and helpled me fix what was wrong on my end so again major thanks to you guys!!!
  4. IP bans now or what ???

    yeah i think it has one of the strongest future of all coins
  5. IP bans now or what ???

    RAPS we can all see in your writing that you only want the changes in WDC that benefits you in the short run. You want Berzeck to change the algorithm so you can buy and than dump to make money for your self but you have no interest in seeing this coin evolve into something greater than a dump coin. You know there are many other coins that you can do that with so you dont need to argue and bitch about it here cos i think it will never happen with WDC.
  6. RAPS even managed to turn this nice thread about a upcoming book into a argument thread.
  7. your experience

    i have a similar experience but i accidentally sent around 65k WDC to the wrong address and never saw them again :/
  8. What game you playing?

    So, i am guessing most guys on here are pretty much into computers and with that computer games. I am just wondering into what games are you all? Me my self cant stop playing Fallout 4 to much fun haha
  9. Best way to mine WDC

    Good on you man hope it works out well for you
  10. Economy of Cryptos

    there is never enough Crypto currency in the world
  11. Best way to mine WDC

    well i have to say i just think its easier to buy the coin not mine it, just a thought
  12. Founder of Bitcoin

    Is there any argument like this about who founded WDC?
  13. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    Alright Berzeck that was informing thanks for that
  14. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    well i have to say it would be nice to see you guys go into the hardware wallets.
  15. WHEN

    yeah i need to get my drink on with my worldfizz hehe
  16. Founder of Bitcoin

    this is a really weird apology from him cant read from it what he is so sorry for hehe
  17. Good to know, I am looking forward for it to drop in book stores
  18. Hey when would that book come out looks like an interested read.