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  1. Cryptos on the rise

    Now in the year 2017 Cryptos are on the rise, BTC has never been higher and other currencies such as WDC are on there way up. But the question i wanna ask all off you guys is where do you think this will go? Are we coming nto the golden age of Crypto currencies, what are you thoughts on that?
  2. WDC price hike

    Yes it was a nice hike and one that i dont think is over
  3. Worldcoin Blog

    There is a brand new blog post today. Check it out and let us know what you think about it.
  4. EURO 2016

    Is no one here watching the Europe football championship playing now? but if you are i hope all of you are supporting ICELAND cos the underdog deserves to win

    HAHAHAHA yeah it has been real quiet since cRAPS went missing.
  6. New Wallet

    I recommend for everybody to be keep an eye on either the forum or our webpage in the upcoming weeks cos our brand new and improved wallet will be made available soon. Dont be shy about giving us your feedback on the new wallet when it drops and you can even give us some suggestions for the new wallet before it comes out and we can see what we can do about it.
  7. Our WDC blog

    I recommend that all of you check out our blog on our main site there will be coming new posts i hope weekly but who knows it might be happening more often than that HERE is the first one in the first series.
  8. BTC up swing

    maybe some one opened up china again haha
  9. Negetive arguments

    Here you go post that all negative cRAPS related things will be moved to.
  10. So far 2016

    Alright 2016 has started well for Worldcoin so far, our webpage was launched with great success and our forum has been picking up lately even though many posts have been by one man ranting. But even though there has been little negative feedback manly just from one person and little technical hick ups that have since been fixed by our lead dev Berzeck. So so far many positives have been happening. But if we look to the future there are even more good things going to happen for WDC, there is a new wallet coming out that Berzeck has been working on night and day for the past months and it is looking amazing. After the wallet comes out the dev team is going on a other project that will come out later this year that will help WDC to put it permanently on the map as a leading Cryptocurrency. Hope you all will enjoy 2016 as much as we will.
  11. How do you like my avatar

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA perfect representation of cRAPS haha
  12. IP bans now or what ???

    BRAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nice vid brosep right on the money!!!
  13. Upgrading your account

    but stay active brosep and get more on your profile than just a pic
  14. Yes you did RAPS just read a bit higher up Berzek was answering some other guys question about graphs from march 2 no one calling you a liar here on this thread YOU started some argument here over an old post from march 2 and brought the argument over to Tykes post so dont try to say you did not start the argument here. So just do us all a favor and keep your argument on the argument posts but dont try to spread it to innocent people posts. And for your newest rant about an OP writing this book is not true like many fals things you say this is by an independent guy who has written many other cryptocurrency books but you would know that if you had done your dudiligence in stead of just arguing. http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Chris-P.-Thompson/e/B00S5L3PVM His book page.
  15. well we both know that the banks dont want to make anything that will cut into there profits, thats the reason for the financial crisis that came in 2008, the banks and there owners only tried to save there own asses but did not want to help the regular people.