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  1. Cryptsy closed?

    I`ve seen that yesterday. I have 81k in that account
  2. Cryptsy closed?

    I was able to login today my coins are there but i cant withdraw
  3. Cryptsy closed?

    Does Cryptsy closed? if so I lost all my coins I had an email form them saying Hi, Cryptsy ceases its activities in the wake of the theft of most of Bitcoins from the COLD storage. You can start a refund procedure at the link
  4. Completely off Topic - Online games

    I do playing bf4 on pc.
  5. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    Currently at 61k
  6. CryptoDiggers Digital Currency based auction

    I can wait for this too. I will definitely use it.
  7. Hello everone. Forum does look amazing` I`ve been folowing this coin long time` I really like whats community done to this coin so far. Franco