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  1. I'm with Berzeck and the guy that mentioned PoS & PoW I don't think the Chinese investors have bad intentions. As a matter of fact I think they see the true potential of Worldcoin. As a long time investor and supporter of wdc I ultimately leave the decision up to what ever the devs think is best for the project.
  2. We need to hold the exchanges and get more to keep worldcoin afloat. Poloniex was a big loss. But not for NY's like me who got banned from poloniex and other exchanges because of NY's ridiculous policies. I just increased my worldcoin holdings because I still believe in the coin and developers, and how could you not take advantage at these low prices. I would really like to see worldcoin on shapeshift in the near future.
  3. Since anticipating extra traffic. I would recommend taking away the motion of the world background on homepage and just a still image perhaps.
  4. main website

    YES YES YES! Perfect!
  5. main website

    Maybe add rotating full images to the body of the home page so it keeps it fresh. Rotate on refresh or time limit.
  6. main website

    Hmmm duly noted...Good point about the names.
  7. main website

    Some constructive criticism with the utmost respect for everyone working on this project. Mobile version is all cluttered everything overlaps, is unusable and to be blunt looks horrible. The news images on the website are all the same and gets repetitive (newspaper, earth worldcoin logo). Website should be clean, corporate looking, very easy to navigate. And on the wallet itself maybe just name updated version 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. (i.e. Worldcoin Wallet version 2.0) instead of funky names like drunken turtle and dancing hippos.
  8. Ok thanks for the response.
  9. Question about WBC. How do you view transaction history? Also when i backup wallet it says the file should save in c:worldcoin/backups but it is saving in the c:worldcoin/ folder and has to be manually moved to the backup folder.