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  1. Chinese 'partners'

    Wow. They even made their own version of the wallet. Funny how the Chinese care about the development. Where does this leave us?
  2. On bitcointalk.org this is a forum for worldcoin.
  3. Please give me admin rights in the forum. I will keep on top of these shit posts and delete them.
  4. A low cost high reward method to promote worldcoin

    Outside input is always welcome. Also cryptopia also lists wdc - btc too.
  5. Is anyone going to remove these shit advertisements from the forum? Please @Accept or @Berzeck please give me forum admin rights. I check the forum multiple times a day and can promptly remove this shit.
  6. Chinese 'partners'

    The process of assembling a new committee is in the works. Everyone member will take part in some sort of function. Whether wdc development, website maintenance, social media etc. Hopefully all of this will happen sooner rather than later.
  7. New Exchange

    Yes, but... They are requesting a lot of actions to be taken in order to stay listed. And as of now we still are waiting on committee arrangements and other issues to be fixed. Maybe, and a big maybe by their next deadline, January 2018. But for now unfortunately, we are shit out of luck.
  8. New Exchange

    Worldcoin listed on AEX.com
  9. Committee

    Ok cool thanks @Accept
  10. Committee

    @Accept any status updates on where we are at with worldcoin & committee?
  11. [ANN][ICO][Rentberry] - Decentralized Home Rental Platform

    Can someone please remove this from the forum. @Accept @Berzeck
  12. Committee

    I would feel comfortable saying that if they are posting articles about wdc than they are jumping back in as soon as their cryptocurrency drama ends over there.
  13. Committee

    Very Nice. Sounds good.
  14. Committee

    Personally im fine with a dev team @Accept can put together if a committee is too much of a pain in the ass. My main issue was to just not have a one man team. The dev team may not want to be bothered with social media and may want input on decisions and such, which is where a committee could come in handy.
  15. Committee

    Agree. That is also why we need the option for a light version, simple wallet. No blockchain download. Only way your going to get a quick download for newcomers.