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  1. Send me the invite please. I thought @Berzeck was setting this up?
  2. [Mobile App] CoinMarket,the best app for trader

    No works flawless for what I use it for. Currently I just have a favorites list. It would be nice if you could get a more detailed chart by rotating phone. Just an idea.
  3. [Mobile App] CoinMarket,the best app for trader

    Yes I do like the app, a lot. I use it multiple times a day.
  4. [Mobile App] CoinMarket,the best app for trader

    It's on there. Good thing I checked before submitting my original reply to vkcoinmarket's post.
  5. New Exchange

    I agree it is not good there is no news. But the committee is in the process of being formed.
  6. New Exchange

    AEX is a lost cause. They are probably just reaping the benefits of arbitrage on their exchange and cryptopia.
  7. Mining Pools?

    I currently use hash to coins. Works & simple to setup
  8. New Exchange

    AEX is still not accepting deposits and hasn't been for weeks now. Support says it is not allowing deposits because it's a refurbished currency. Please wait for announcements. That's the translation to English anyway. Up to $0.05 on their exchange though.
  9. my id is @cryptojunky:matrix.org
  10. $500,000,000,000

    Yeah and litecoin, shit. Wish I didnt sell a chunk of them back in the day. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda. Words investors live by. Along with "what if".
  11. $500,000,000,000

    Yes. This is a memorable moment in crypto history. Even though cryptos are in their infant stages, I think there is a major correction looming. Especially with bitcoin. However don't by any means go by what Im saying, its just me speculating. I was wrong with ethereum going from $8 to $20 to $200, etc. I expected a major correction with that too and I was wrong. However all these prices are sky rocketing i.e. ripples, lumens/stellars, potcoin, vericoin and more. They all have 1 thing in common, they all have long history. And here we have worldcoin. As old as the crypto hills, if you will. And hanging out at $0.0185 roughly. Could be worse no doubt. But it should be much higher. And I ask why. Quite simple really. No development or even minor changes to fix the block issues. No committee. Nothing but being stagnant. No new devs stepping forward to help. Nothing, nada, zip. I know a committee is in the works ( slowly in the works), but worldcoin is a gold mine waiting to be dug up. It has the name and the "30s block time" and a really nice functional wallet (for now) with many more features. I just think we are behind the curve. We need some momentum to get her going again.
  12. Committee

    I agree 100% @urbanoid. I have asked multiple times for admin access to forums to delete these coin and ico advertisments. Check multiple times a day and same shit more ico's posted.
  13. Committee

    Maybe worldcoin will be at $1k by next year. That would be nice.
  14. Committee

    Thats great thanks. Going to check it out.
  15. Cloud Pulzar Services Down.

    The wallets Cloud Services (Pulzar) is down. @Berzeck