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  1. Wake Up Call!!!

    ha ha we think alike s7ryker
  2. Wake Up Call!!!

    You must be one of the chinese investors.
  3. Chinese 'partners'

    coinmarketcap.com not showing jubi anymore. Looks like they delisted a bunch too. There go the chinese investors. Good riddance.
  4. Chinese 'partners'

    Ok thanks for clarifying. I agree investors or partners is a terrible name they will be referred to as fucking criminals from this point on.
  5. Chinese 'partners'

    Sorry Bezerk no disrespect but Im having a little trouble deciphering this. Are you saying you will put together a group and once the Chinese are gone you will continue with the project with the new group. Or are you saying you will setup with new developers and than split?
  6. Chinese 'partners'

    While we are on the subject of contributions. I would be more than happy to help maintain the website. I have some skills in web and graphic design. PM me if you need a hand, or have ideas you want to see come to life.
  7. Chinese 'partners'

    Yes it has given us all some relief and a small sign of hope. Great to see all this dialogue.
  8. Chinese 'partners'

    Thanks for coming back Berzerk, we are all happy to see you are, alive, well and back here at the helm. I don't think they are setting up for a massive pump and dump. As a matter of fact BTC38 (the guys most likely you were dealing with) has delisted worldcoin on the english exchange ( dont know about there chinese exchange looks like its still up) Unless they all start buying on Jubi. That being said I think this coin is heading down the toilet with this current block speed. I would make the changes and tell them to fuck off. With the new changes there will be new opportunities on better exchanges and will have a properly functioning coin. Whether you were involved in this mini pump and dump or not and cashed out all your coins and made a ton of money I really don't give a shit. However if you don't want to continue with worldcoin let us know so we can put together a solid plan where we can make this coin work properly without the manipulation of other people and more of a community driven coin. Believe it or not worldcoin has a bigger fan base than you thought. I'm sure you read the forums and seen all the chatter but we are ready to move forward. Here is the message from btc38 you will have to use google translation: http://www.btc38.com/news/2017/9/15477.html
  9. If I had the money..

    I was thinking. Even if we pay to have coin forked and all issues are fixed. Who will maintain or build new wallet and who will maintain the website? I have some web design skills but that's about it.
  10. If I had the money..

    I don't believe they can go anywhere, but I may be wrong. Yes its a 404 message, they are aware. However today I went on chinese site which is a newer version and used google translate to translate page. Looks like that withdrawal works. If you log in on English site and go to Chinese site you remain logged in. Looks like you can do a withdrawal there too.
  11. If I had the money..

    You can always use btc38 english site. http://www.btc38.com/trade_en.html?btc38_trade_coin_name=wdc There are daily withdrawal limits so like Diego said about parking to much $ on chinese exchanges. Be careful. Also the withdraw button on site not working. Just submit ticket to have them do a manual payout. Put your address in the ticket and tell them how many wdc to withdraw. It can take up to 24hrs. Ive done multiple times lately with no issues.
  12. If I had the money..

    I agree POS is the way to go. I agree on block reward. I think a percentage would be better than a locked rate for transaction fee. If worldcoin can amount to something big .01wdc could be a lot for a small transaction. Maybe a fee structure for wdc amounts if we go with locked rates. Rebrand a good idea, keep name & change logo. Logo is very similar to Fathom dynamic data software. You can see their logo here:
  13. Version 3.2 changes

    Berzerk has gone missing. We are hoping for his return. For now we are trying to come up with a game plan to find a dev, fork and fix the issues at hand.
  14. If I had the money..

    worldcoin.global back up for another year at least. Thank You Berzerk or whoever renewed.
  15. If I had the money..

    Hmm very good point Diego. I noticed the spam yesterday and tried bumping the topic. I haven't seen any spam on this site in the past, however with no one with admin privileges to monitor the forums, these things can happen.