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  1. undo wallet install (linux)

    As I expected there are no bad sectors. I will check and disable extra depositories and post the results
  2. undo wallet install (linux)

    Ok thanks, I will try your suggestions and let you know. It's just that during the installation of the worldcoin wallet I got a warning that some experimental, non verified dependencies were going to be installed and I accepted. I shut down my pc right after the installation and the errors came at restart. So I think the error is in the libudev but I am not familiar with this. That's why I asked if I can roll back the wallet installation...
  3. undo wallet install (linux)

    Hi Berzeck and thank you for your help. I am using Linux Mint 17.2 Mate 64 bit, 4.1.3-040103 generic. (with /dev/sda1) I followed the installation proces in the FAQs (How do I install the Worldcoin Wallet on Linux?) At startup I get a fail for: 1. Starting Read required files in advance 2. Starting Mount filesystems on boot An fsck in the recovery menu gives me: mountall: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.1: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory I can mount sda1 with: mount -o remount /dev/sda1, after which I do a dpkg --configure -a with the output as shown in image_1 . I think it has something to do with the dependencies I installed. Hope you can help me and I am of course available to give more information. Thanks, Marco
  4. undo wallet install (linux)

    thanks for your efforts! Best regards, Marco
  5. undo wallet install (linux)

    Hi and thanks in advance for your help. I cannot start my system after I installed the worldcoin wallet for Linux. Is there a way to undo the changes en uninstall the wallet via the root terminal in recovery? Thanks, Marco