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  1. Investing WDC in 'CoinClockwork'

    Hi, yes i've been reinvesting mostly profit. This site has been doing wonders for me so far.
  2. Hi all I stumbled across https://coinclockwork.com who offer a affiliate dashboard and investment platform. I'm currently utilising both and have cashed out some doge no problem with them (more than happy to provide proof if needed). I am interested in throwing in a chunk of WDC since I'm a semi-large holder, but want to know what you guys think. Here's my affiliate banner if you're interested some of the stuff they offer: - instant deposits - instant withdrawals - realtime tracking - 5% affiliate commission - 50+ currencies including WDC list sort of goes on. Let me know what you all think, I've invested and will update on how it goes. So far I'm being paid without any issues.
  3. Worldcoin on BitcoinWisdom

    I also haven't received a response, something offline must have happened or project abandoned. We'll see what happens in the coming months.
  4. Worldcoin on BitcoinWisdom

    it would be great having WDC on BitcoinWisdom though I think the admins/devs are not there or gone, becuase I see that DASH is still listed as DRK...this was changed months ago, yet still not updated on their site. That's the hint I got they are gone, I guess that's why no response.
  5. If WDC hits $100+ We can expect bitcoin to hit the high four digits, maybe even five digits. Litecoin was the top altcoin at $32~ at the $1000 peak. Assuming this ratio continues, it'll take something big for WDC in order to hit $100, on top of the BTC price jump. 5 Years I think is a good estimation for a $50/wdc goal....$100 seems to ambitious