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  1. Yes, that's the way to cash out
  2. You convert to BTC in the exchange, you don't need a BTC wallet for this
  3. Your coins are safe (from compatibility point of view)
  4. No problem my friend, when copying address just highlight in the middle of first character
  5. I do not think thats te problem, make you sure the fisrt letter you type is W
  6. Are you trying to copy/paste an address? please check for spaces at the beggining and at the end of the address your are copying from ...
  7. No problem my friend
  8. Thank you very much for your kind words. We will hit 1usd eventually, do not worry, we just need to be careful and have more patience changing protocol with something groundbreaking, miners won't give us another shot...
  9. huge multipool started mining wdc and the exit leaving difficult too high
  10. use latest software and send debug file. It is impossible for me to support every version, specially if I do not have that version installed anywhere. If backups failed is because the corruption was made before the backup was performed. Without debug file I cannot know what is wrong (nobody can)
  11. Stupid bug displaying the data. Will be fixed next version. Sorry for that
  12. i could be considered a whale with more than 1M. I bet in WDC all in 2 years ago (after losing money with scharmbeck ) and now I am winning decent money Fortunately the strategy worked. This spike will allow us to build a small but very strong community, things will be easier now on ...
  13. I have a meeting on weekend with Chinese investors ... lets see what they say
  14. Please some one help him. On broad terms, you need to create an account on Send some btc there and buy wdc with btc
  15. the wallet has a stupid bug displaying data; it will be fixed next version; it is just the display that is wrong so it should not cause any problems. Sorry for that
  16. Huge multipool started mining wdc and left leaving difficult too high, network will stabilize soon
  17. Huge multipool entered and exit mining wdc, leaving difficult too high, we need to promote the coin so these discrete jumps become smaller
  18. If you forgot the password coins are lost forever, you could try to bruteforce with a dictionary but unless you have very bad password selection practices that's just waste of time Pekka: Password is wrong, you could try to send your coins to another address to see if the message is the same
  19. They confirm manually the withdrawals so its variable and usually takes some time
  20. Thank you very much
  21. Hello everybody, as you may know I always stated that we won't switch to another block chain tech until an ultimate solution is found and eventually adopted by WDC, I always said that I won't invest my personal time in an intermediate solution knowing that in the future we will need to change again so it would be a waste of time from my part, those reasons are as good as ever, but what happens if some supporter say that he will pay for it without spending our teams time? ... well I say: lets do it! Of course it all will depend that the supporter really commits to his investment so we will go step by step. First step: Lest all discuss proposals for core improvement, what improvements would you like to see in core? Some guidelines: - We won't use alpha or beta status code, that would be crazy and very reckless (to say the least) move because it can kill the network. - We won't change to some experimental scheme, even if it is promising (related to point 1) - The candidate schemes should be currently used and proved to work in production code (Pow + PoS for example) Please provide advantages and disadvantages of your proposals After a set of valid proposals are chosen, we will have a last conversation with the investor so it agrees for the final set of proposals that will subject to vote. More coins WDC in your wallet more voting power. Exact terms of voting will be discussed and defined after proper steps are gone through Discuss!
  22. Ok, I will repeat again what I was saying in other threads 1] the problem are multipools that keep swapping coins. 2] We can't just switch protocol because miners won't allow to receive less fess so we will kill the coin if we try to impose. Changing protocol need miners approval so we need a lot of active nodes just to try. If we try to impose and miners quit mining then WDC is dead 3] No one is maintaining neoscrypt so it would be suicide to switch to an unsupported mechanism 4] The only solution is to make WDC more popular BEFORE trying to impose changing the core protocol
  23. We can't introduce lite wallets because we will probably kill the network, because a sybil attack would be trivial. We need more nodes to start thinking in that
  24. When you send coins, the protocol states that a whole input must be used, so for example if you received 20 coins and want to send 10 to another address then it uses 20 coins, it sends 10 to the desired address and it creates another address to receive the other 10 (the change). This is the reason it is important to backup wallet every time you send addresses (the wallet should make a backup for you, but please report if this is working)