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  1. Our brand new web page has been released, please provide feedback in this thread. We may tweak it in the future depending on your opinion!
  2. Please read official news at our official site I am very sorry for the long development cycle, December through February where very busy for me. But next months will be a lot more intense
  3. Chinese 'partners'

    As many of you know some weeks ago we had new 'partners' in China, they agreed to buy and support WDC, they published and article on BTC38 that was read by thousands of people, they also told us that WDC/CNY with be enabled again (which happened 2 weeks later); price rose and everything seemed fine, but there where some weird demands, for example that we should not touch core, I was fine with that because as I always planned we would switch when new tech arrive, but when the difficulty problem started to happen I wanted to change algorithm to cope with that, but I was told that if I mad any changes they would dump 50 million coins and stop mining all together. They effectively took over and there was not much we could do; I also realized (I would not get into details) that the worst mistake I did was to disclose my real identity. We will be around and come back when they fuck up and leave the project forever, we still do not know the real intentions, are they trying to buy all coins for a super mega pump? we do not know. For now I will wait until everything becomes more clear, and spend my time with family
  4. Chinese 'partners'

    Actually that's my version that was part of the deal, no installer required; I will search and upload so we do not have problems any more with the installer
  5. Committee

    One thing that is completely my fault was my inability to re create a community therefore I had to take care of everything including web page, forum, servers, domains, dev, etc etc, it is just not sustainable; with this experience I strongly suggest for each member to have specific task(s), not only advisor; it can be simple tasks like forum moderator, reviving reddit, creating facebook, domains, etc etc; it is very important that work, including 'small' tasks, is balanced along many people, or people just will burnout, also it is very important to not disclose true identity to general public, just trusted ones (learned that the hard way) ; also I strongly suggest to have 2 person for each task in case one of them become inactive for any reason On another topic, when installing select Expert mode and at the end you will be able to download chain bootstrap so syncing would a lot faster
  6. Tossing out ideas

    I see two roads that can guarantee healthy growth: a] completely change of scheme to something like NEO (dbft, 2 coin scheme) b] As WDC is 'old', PoW is viable so changing to something like Vertcoin's Lyra and one click mining feature would be the way to go if WDC will keep PoW
  7. Slack Work space

    Accept is setting up slack work space: worldcoin Gladly I reserved the name years ago More info coming soon
  8. Committee

    I can give access to all assets, but it would be good that some type of elections is performed by the community first... what do you guys think?
  9. the problem is fixed and was posted in another thread
  10. Version 3.2 changes

    you can use previous wdc version as it is compatible, also i will not get into development for sometime
  11. Version 3.2 changes

    Hello! After some discussion with our Chinese partners we agreed on the following urgent changes for next version. - Fix all bugs (please help us reporting in this thread) - Get rid of installer. From next version you will download a compressed file and execute the exe and that's it. This is important because they say they have problems with downloading files due the great firewall (can not verify if this is true) - Updater code should be moved to the wallet. As we are getting rid of the installer, downloading files should be processed from the wallet itself - Downloading chain should be done from within the wallet at any time you like. I will try to provide all chains for all coins offered
  12. Wake Up Call!!!

    That's the spirit, I am starting to feel better already, thanks Diego!
  13. Wake Up Call!!!

    wallet connection should be fixed, please test
  14. Wake Up Call!!!

    Community needs to organize committee first before handling credentials
  15. Wake Up Call!!!

    Yes we need a team first and forge a new plan so we do not improvise.
  16. Wake Up Call!!!

    Thank you Diego! I think I m a little exhausted, that's all
  17. Wake Up Call!!!

    The real problem is that talking in forums is very cheap and does not provide of any aggregated value to a project, Crypto has tens of thousands of 'constructive critics', tens of thousands of 'strategic planners', but very few people that actually do something instead of talking; but in your special case what makes it really pathetic and kind of sad is that you really believe you are contributing with something of concrete value to the project. You did not pay anything to me so I can develop whatever I please, whats more I always have been transparent on what I wanted to do and spent MY OWN TIME doing it, so if you did not like the plan then you obviously had hundreds of options to choose where you can contribute with your .... well lets just say ...ideas devoid of concrete value ... along with other tens of thousands like you. The plan was going well and the price was rising steady, everything was great, the plan even attracted some mining criminals form China that believed that WDC would be very easy to pump .... until China shutdown exchanges where everything went to the toilet and your endless blah blah blah didn't and couldn't do anything to prevent that. About your question: If some one want to step up here to do concrete stuff I will gladly help I will help on dev if required and if I share the view community have and if I feel to, I won't do any management stuff, and certainly I won't allow WDC be a one man project anymore. Now my honest question to you: if you suddenly stop 'contributing' to the project how much do you think it will be affected? what price range hit should we expect? and how exactly wdc normal operations will be disrupted?
  18. Wake Up Call!!!

    I will fix this issue on weekend, I have tweeter credentials
  19. Wake Up Call!!!

    Lets choose some one who has a lot of time to do management stuff (not necessarily a dev), then i will share access to web page and other assets, i don't think its necessary to build another one just fix some issues.
  20. Wake Up Call!!!

    I sincerely not understand your question, you mean you want to step up with dedicated people (and hopefully devs)? If that's the case I would find that extremely valuable.
  21. Wake Up Call!!!

    Thanks for your words, indeed WDC price will rise again that's for sure, it just felt a lot of work gone down the toilet and it seems like starting again, thats why I need some rest i think
  22. Wake Up Call!!!

    Hi friend, I will take some rest from crypto world also hoping for those criminals to leave us alone (just for some time)
  23. Wake Up Call!!!

    It is impossibly to predict that chinese gov would close exchanges, that reduced our investors by 80% in a few days; also I do not understand how would it be beneficial to me not to tell everyone to sell AFTER I allegedly sold my coins; also with the kind of money Chinese dudes invested, it was cheaper to pump than to crash the price to these levels because I am pretty sure if that's the case they lost money...of course that's speculation from my part. Anyway whatever happened believe it or not I have my own company and I do not need to fuck people off to make money, in fact I was always very vocal against that type of scheme. If you need to know, WDC is not my only investment, also it is true that the moment I posted my concerns about these crooks I sold a chunk of my holdings when the price was high and bought LTC and then bought NEO which I am holding now (without colluding with the crooks) because I started to feel that we lost control of the coin and left me with an very uneasy felling (a fact that I also posted before crash) , I did not advice every one to sell because I sincerely couldn't know if chinese dudes would make a big pump or not Right now I will take a rest from crypto world for a little time and hopefully restart clean
  24. Wake Up Call!!!

    Useless, useless and more useless bickering .. assume I say 10 million; or what happens if I say just 1 wdc? or maybe assume that I am a Chinese crook that commands the Illuminaty crypto society branch ... will you believe me? what's more, will any of that help wdc to make progress? The only way to benefit from a crash like this is shorting or buying 'put options', none of these options are offered on any exchange. As I said it is more important that community step up and do something useful and make the project not a one man endeavor, like some people are actually trying to do ***SPOILER ALERT ***: NOT YOU!! HINT: Even in the case you think I am a crook fine with me! be useful to the community and help rebuild WDC from my 'criminal activities'
  25. Wake Up Call!!!

    It affects because ti stopped criminals plan to pump, now they lost money and want to recoup that