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  1. Chinese 'partners'

    I will come back when chinese 'partners' leave the project for good, I will be around and give technical support; meanwhile we need more developers so I am trusting the community to attract at least one to move on
  2. Chinese 'partners'

    No, it is me, it is part of my plan to conquer the wold, long live Illuminati!
  3. Chinese 'partners'

    And how this post is useful? remembering your bitching skills since the beginning? I am sure that is the kind of thing that will help wdc to improve!! You just talk and talk and talk and do nothing productive absolutely nothing, zero. You really should spend that energy trying to improve things and not just trying OTHERS improve them
  4. Chinese 'partners'

    Another masterpiece of uselessness! very good you always improving yourself to new heights!
  5. Chinese 'partners'

    I will coordinate influx of new developers until chines dudes are gone, I made the mistake to reveal true identity and i can not go further into details (I already changed on web page), most people are gone looong ago
  6. Chinese 'partners'

    Not in this thread, in many others across wdc history, you tend to forget things don't you?
  7. Chinese 'partners'

    Ok lets do this, in your mind I am stupid ignorant and a scammer, what exactly are you doing here? You just accuse as most scumbags inn crypto do without any proof and without any common sense
  8. Chinese 'partners'

    IF the machine loses connection it logs in automatically :D, talking about ignorance EDIT> maybe the machine was rebooted. I traveled with my family
  9. Chinese 'partners'

    Its amazing you do not even consider the possibility that I leave my PC's always on, so I am logged in most of the time
  10. Chinese 'partners'

    I call you a liar because it is not the first time you accuse me without absolutely any proof, just using your bitching skills. I will wait some time until they are gone, and continue from there. It would be great if community could attract more devs. I would never leave 'stealth mode' or something do not worry
  11. Chinese 'partners'

    I didn't delete anything, I don't know what you are talking about, and again you are lying or just bitching. I didn't log in for weeks
  12. Chinese 'partners'

    I wonder what exactly your contributions were.. well absolutely zero, just bitching and bitching, you can contribute and develop or do something
  13. Chinese 'partners'

    I always supported the fact that PoW is not ultimate solution and we should implement another. I will gladly coordinate influx of new developers
  14. Chinese 'partners'

    As many of you know some weeks ago we had new 'partners' in China, they agreed to buy and support WDC, they published and article on BTC38 that was read by thousands of people, they also told us that WDC/CNY with be enabled again (which happened 2 weeks later); price rose and everything seemed fine, but there where some weird demands, for example that we should not touch core, I was fine with that because as I always planned we would switch when new tech arrive, but when the difficulty problem started to happen I wanted to change algorithm to cope with that, but I was told that if I mad any changes they would dump 50 million coins and stop mining all together. They effectively took over and there was not much we could do; I also realized (I would not get into details) that the worst mistake I did was to disclose my real identity. We will be around and come back when they fuck up and leave the project forever, we still do not know the real intentions, are they trying to buy all coins for a super mega pump? we do not know. For now I will wait until everything becomes more clear, and spend my time with family
  15. Are you working on a new wallet ?