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  1. Are you working on a new wallet ?

  2. Worldcoin Mining

    you will lose money if you mine with gpu, it it's not profitable by far, you need an asic.
  3. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    They are not my friends, its really naive (to say the least) to suggest otherwise, they were supposed to be partners but they are doing things that partners wouldn't do, I am not suggesting screwing them I am suggesting to develop a backup plan in case my suspicions are valid, maybe I am just paranoid but having a plan B is considered a good business practice everywhere. My integrity and loyalty in case you do not understand are with WDC not with Chinese partners that are obviously doing things behind our back, if you don't see this then ... well nothing else to discuss with you. Everything is fine and I am an obscure divergent person, whatever Would it be better that I stay quiet? maybe this way everyone would be happier believing everything is fine, if that's the way you think I should act then well you can choose one of the other 99% coins that are probably happy to follow that suggestion; it is because I have integrity that I prefer to let people know that I feel something is wrong with this partnership. Why the hell would partners be happy with difficulty problem so high? Maybe they want to scare everyone and buy wdc so they can create an immense pump? are they selling? These questions are the ones that are in my mind. If you think I am lying and I am hiding things with my 'dichotomy stuff' you know what to do, I am being very straightforward on the situation.
  4. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Do you really not have any idea how to test of they read or not? I test it, its easy, they do not speak English so they use a translator that only wants to communicate via QQ, I tried several times for him the translator to use forum. Its very obscure, I do not know what is happening so can't give answers, it's very odd I think we should change protocol because as is very evident, the difficult variability is worsening not getting better as I hoped. We do not have control of miners and these big investors, if you feel uneasy please sell your coins, because creating more uncertainty right now is not going to benefit anyone I am the only one left long before the big rise, well there is Henri that helps with some things.
  5. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    They do not want any protocol change, unless they are bluffing and they have no mine equipment , (although everything they said that would happen it happened like price increase, btc38 article and cny/wdc pair trading weeks before it happened), but if not then they say they WON't mine WDC anymore so a multipool will enter and when it exists no miner will be left so transactions would be stuck forever. We need to do this very very delicately. I am very confused on what their real plans are. Lets support the guy that wants PoS + PoW, while I make the changes that I promised, this way if they are not bluffing I can restore communication and blame this to a competing fork. I am 100% they do not read this.
  6. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    I will try to contact them again.
  7. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Miner approval needed
  8. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    I can't know if that's the case, what I know is that months ago some Chinese dudes contacted me and I explained my views, they say they agreed and that they would invest a lot in WDC as long as I commit with that, so the price started to rise and also they said they would publish an article and that wdc would return to yuan pairs and all of that happened (article was published on btc38 and has thousands of reads) They are against changing PoW at all costs I do not know exactly why
  9. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    See my posts above, I always had the idea that if get more popular then we would get more core miners (those who mine whether a multipools in or out),well it seems I was wrong because the problem is getting worse and we are in a very delicate position with Chinese dudes
  10. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    For what is worth, I understand that we need to do something but I am in very delicate situation for the reason I explained last post. The best way to get out of this is take a risk and fund the development from a third party (chinese dudes can't blame me for that). And when it is ready, community votes. That's the best way
  11. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    I never designed the original specs. What I am saying is that if we tell miners 'Hey guys you will receive half fees from now on! please keep mining!" then miners won't like it, I know this because some of those who invested in China (REALLY invested) told me not to or they will stop supporting WDC; If there are no core miners (those who mine whether the multipool leaves or not) then the coin is dead as simple as that. Should someone take the risk? I fine with that but I won't do it personally. If the guy that was promoting this gets funding from supporters (including you) to do this, then I will support that as a third party person and we will coordinate, but the end result would be 100% responsibility from supporters (not from me), and I think that would be good but very risky.
  12. The transaction is not in the network, no coins were deducted from your wallet. What is your public address? and what number of coins did you wanted to transfer?
  13. send TxID to check it out
  14. How to Get WDC from Old PC to New PC?

    When installing new wallet it makes you choose location of blockchain directory. If you missed it just edit Daemons.cfg and find variable DataDirectory. Just copy you wallet.dat to that directory and execute new wallet. It will take some time to index Alternatively, post the contents of Daemons.cfg
  15. Best Way to Cash in WDC

    Yes, that's the way to cash out