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    Cryptodiggers next move is digital currency based user-managed auction system. User will have to register and validate via SMS to cell phone. And approval after registration is needed to maintain trust and security. Auction will have 2 standard approaches - user managed and auction system managed. Small fee for placing auction is planned and of course in case of system managed auction there is commission fee too. We don't want to promise any deadline but as side effect there will be something MISSING in WDC. Supported currencies (WDC,BTC,LTC) we hope you will enjoy it CryptoDiggers TEAM Buggie
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    The WDC article I had been working on is now published on here at CryptoWorldwide.com. If you're interested in checking the article out, please feel free to leave feedback and criticism in the comment section. The more feedback I receive, the better my writing will become. Also, the first monthly publication contest is available for any prospective writers interested. There are prizes for the top 3 picks: 1st - 0.15 BTC, 2nd - 0.1 BTC, and 3rd - 0.05 BTC. Check out the contest details here. Thanks again to all those who helped me find the information I needed as well as Accept especially for the cool picture you made for me to use. I look forward to keeping up-to-date with this crypto coin. It's exciting what you guys are doing for the crypto world, keep it up!
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    Pulzar's Worldcoind bridge

    Hello guys, i finished developing the bridge between Pulzar and Worldcoind, this means that our application server talks with worldcoind as if they were teenage lovers. So next release will be about giving our users another plugin service that tests this 'relationship'. I will finish beta until weekend so our most adventurous supporters can help us testing and polishing, to do that please subscribe to Beta Channel in wizard ( Expert Settings ), public release will be made a couple of days after This is a screenshot of Pulzar (Spanish), each window represents a core service ( 6 services ), the window in the center is Pulzar getting some basic info from Worldcoind. Above Pulzar's backbone, we are developing plugins that use this core services, the first one was the auto update plugin that we are ready to make use starting with this release (current users of 1.0.2 enjoy this feature and will be visible when next release is available) .
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    What would you like to see in 2015?

    I'd say more of the same level of development... Your tireless commitment to moving Worldcoin forward has shown that we are the real deal... that the community has genuinely taken over and steered the ship towards calm waters... And that our community is not only dedicated and focused on the end goal to bring Worldcoin to widespread adoption, but that our community is full of very talented individuals all working together to achieve it!! Our rocky past is but a distant memory and our future looks bright!! People are noticing the hard work going on here and I predict a great year ahead and I can't wait to see the progress this time next year!! Cheers, Ghosty
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    WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta Release !

    Worldcoin Business Center - Beta released!. After a short delay, the team has created unseen genuine software in the crypto-verse and has moved away from the copy and paste methodology lots of other coin developers like to use. Read http://worldcoin.global/wallets/WBC-2.0.0-Beta-RELEASE NOTES.pdf before installing. Download WBC Beta at http://worldcoin.global/wallets/WorldcoinBC-2.0.0-Beta.rar Once downloaded, you may edit Daemons.cfg file and change the value of DataDirectory pointing to the directory where the block chain is/will be located. Later this week a new blog post will be made detailing on how to develop your own custom components. Also please check http://forum.worldcoin.global/index.php?/topic/220-wbc-beta-1-know-issues/ for issues and bug reporting. Johnny had a problem with his arm and will rest a few days. We wish him a fast recover !
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    Just a speculation, but I think WDC will do some really cool things for people in need in the coming year. The price of WDC is less important to me because profits will be had for investors if they stick around long enough and more investors will come when WDC gets public recognition for its moral activities. The importance is in what WDC can do for people in need, not for who can make a quick buck off of it. Profits can be realized from doing good things and that's what makes WDC a good coin to be a part of.
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    I have a special place in my heart for Worldcoiners, so if you want to announce it in the weekly report, I'll allow entries as late as July 17th. These contests are going to occur monthly, so if anyone misses out this month they can always wait until next month to enter. Thanks Johnny.
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    Thank you for your encouraging words. Your criticism has been heard and created a twitter, Facebook, and youtube account. I really appreciate you sharing the article, there's many more to come.
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    WDC future block reward

    Because I can't edit my original post, I'll repost an updated chart here. This was made possible thanks to the data provided by Xanur.
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report June 17th

    If I may say: don't forget to star the WDC related projects on Github if you have an account, it helps quite a lot for search results and motivates the developers.
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    Chunky Monkey Released!

    Managed to compile Chunky Monkey on OSX 10.9.5 \o/ [c0da@outcast ~]$ $ uname -a Darwin outcast.local 13.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 13.4.0: Wed Mar 18 16:20:14 PDT 2015; root:xnu-2422.115.14~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 [c0da@outcast ~]$ $ worldcoind getinfo { "version" : 1010000, "protocolversion" : 75000, "walletversion" : 60000, "balance" : 0.00000000, "blocks" : 10891, "timeoffset" : 0, "connections" : 3, "proxy" : "", "difficulty" : 0.06252487, "testnet" : false, "keypoololdest" : 1434443379, "keypoolsize" : 101, "paytxfee" : 0.00000000, "mininput" : 0.00001000, "errors" : "" } Will create a PR on Github with the modified code and I'll create a BuildOSX.md with explanations as well. Cheers.
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    Trade Worldcoin on CEX.IO with 0% fee

    Trade Worldcoin for Bitcoin with 0% fees on CEX.IO! The offer is on and going now. We invite everyone to try out new features on CEX.IO and enjoy trading for free. More info about improvements and offer: http://bitcoin.cex.io/promo/
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    I bought a lot of WDC at litebit last year via "Sofort" (bank wire transfer which is immediately processed) - worked very well, it's legitimate business. I think the reason why they don't accept cc any more could be "customers" filing complaints at their cc providers forcing a reversal of the transaction and ending up with both their money as well as the coins. At least that's the reason why a lot of crypto places don't accept PayPal anymore... There is still a quite significant imbalance between customer protection vs. merchant protection - so I can fully understand merchants not accepting cc / PayPal since those can be loopholed quite easily :S
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    Wallet Refactor Project 2015

    In the future that's exactly the idea, have a common API for online shops, so making the plugin for each will be done in hours, the shops themselves will be able to do the work. I don't know exactly when this component will be finished though, but that's definitely our objective.
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    Adding WDC to Alcurex

    Hi community! Finland has launched it's very first altcoin exchange, and I would like WDC to be added there. I am hoping this helps worldcoin a bit further in its road to success, and that no-one has not much objection to the matter. At the moment Alcurex is getting much new volume from BTER, I guess one's loss is another's success... Anyway, I just wanted to a) join here in this community and to let you all know that I have requested WDC to be added at alcurex also. Hope you also join trading there and chatter in the chat box. I hope this suits you all. https://alcurex.org Cheers HM
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    Worldcoin promotion

    Pease vote on https://bter.com/trade/wdc_btc 5 stars for WORLDCOIN.
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    WorldCoin - History of the First Year

    Note for the book: thankfully as (c)RAPS suggest I wasn't involved with WDC committee whatsoever until 2015 (2014 years end maybe), so let this be recorded until the end of times! None of my team mates have nothing to do with the first year neither I don't want to 'discuss' how 'dead' we are it's ridiculous because you know, something like that shouldn't be utterly obvious without the need for discussion? Besides what would be the point? the 'discussion' would be something like this: (c)RAPS: "WDC is dead dead deeeeadddd ... please everybody believe me! or else WDC will be more dead than ever!" Berzeck: "Value is more than 650 000 USD, It seems a new base has formed at 0.006 USD which is higher than previous 0.0035 and 0.0053 bases in the past... look at this graph to support this view http://k.sosobtc.com/wdc_btc38.html, from China our main market" (c)RAPS: "Dead, dead WDC is deeeeaddd NOW! China doesn't count because its a miracle so I proved it's dead!! also there are hundreds of logical fallacies and errors in your sentence! perhaps THOUSANDS so I hand written your response in a paper and photocopied it for proof!" Berzeck: "Can you point them out?" (c)RAPS: "everybody can read!! therefore is dead as I proved it" Berzeck: "That doesn't make sense, can you point something in more logical terms?" (3 months later ...) (c)RAPS: "I couldn't login to this thread because some one banned the IP of my entire country, that proves that someone is hiding the truth. It's deaddd and you jokers can't see it's dead so i am the stupid? i call Berzeck an idiot because he killed the coin and that's why it's dead... I proved my case."
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    WBC 2.0.1 Released!

    Linux and Windows versions are available (64 bits), please download at http://worldcoin.global/worldcoin-quick-start/ Don't forget to open README file! http://worldcoin.global/wallets/README_PLEASE.pdf [Fixed] -- Windows 10 compatibility issues with Windows 10 (incorrect rendering) [Fixed] -- Fixed bug in 'Address Detail' component that didn't display all addresses in some circumstances [Component] -- Added 'Transaction List' component that displays last N transactions (parameter N can be changed and saved) [Component] -- Added functionality in 'Encrypt Wallet' component that allows to change the encryption password Comment!
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 7th October

    This is good news, waiting for release of Beta 3, wallet
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    WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta 2 Released !

    Worldcoin Business Center - Beta 2 released!. After a short intensive period of beta testing, many bugs were solved, you can check the detail at http://forum.worldcoin.global/index.php?/topic/220-wbc-beta-1-know-issues/. You can add your own issues and bugs here. Read http://worldcoin.global/wallets/WBC-2.0.0-Behttp://worldcoin.global/wallets/WBC-2.0.0-Beta2-RELEASE NOTES.pdfta2-RELEASE NOTES.pdf before installing. Download WBC Beta at WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta 2 Once downloaded, you may edit Daemons.cfg file and change the value of DataDirectory pointing to the directory where the block chain is/will be located. If you already installed Beta 1, you can overwrite all files and keep *.cfg files to store your previous configuration options.
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    Thanks for the update. Exciting times once again for WDC
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    Public first beta first week of September ( 2 weeks + a couple of days). We are targeting for a release on final week of September
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    Worldcoin Explorer on Worldcoin.global

    Hi all!! I found a other Worldcoin explorer : https://bchain.info/WDC/ I looked Worldcoin.global and I doesn't found links about Worldcoin explorer. Maybe a list with all explorer on "http://worldcoin.global/worldcoin-quick-start/"will be good to find quickly them? Exemple : "Download Wallet" "Obtain Worldcoins" "Spend Worldcoins" And ..... "Worldcoin Explorers" ??? All Worldcoin Explorer which are functional. Maybe there are other... https://www.wdcexplorer.com https://bitinfocharts.com/worldcoin/explorer/ https://coinplorer.com/WDC https://bchain.info/WDC/ http://wdc.explorer.bitnodes.net/ (no ssl)
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    Worldcoin on BitcoinWisdom

    it would be great having WDC on BitcoinWisdom though I think the admins/devs are not there or gone, becuase I see that DASH is still listed as DRK...this was changed months ago, yet still not updated on their site. That's the hint I got they are gone, I guess that's why no response.
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    To those interested in the publication contest, I had a change of heart, prizes have been increased substantially!
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    Pif, paf, pouf c'est le premier jours du mois, aucun retour en arrière. Cette semaine, nous avons beaucoup de surprises incluant un nouveau dans l'équipe et des mises à jour Web mineures. Nouveau Directeur Marketing Après vérification de son identité, nous sommes heureux d'annoncer notre dernier membre qui fera partie de l'équipe Wolrdcoin Global : Iceviking. Il a des expériences très diverses dont les médias sociaux et les applications de marketing. En ce moment, il cré sa propre entreprise. Des détails le concernant arriveront très prochainement (ici). Nous sommes impatients! La croissance de Worldcoin est très forte dans de nombreux domaines, comme la semaine dernière avec mrsmn (Martin Simon) qui a été bien accueilli. Martin est extrêmement actif et il a déjà fait d'importantes contributions à notre communauté dont l'une d'eux est la construction de Worldcoin Daemon (worldcoind) pour Mac OS. Vous pouvez le télécharger à l'emplacement standard dans la page principale du site Web. Gardez à l'esprit que l'expérience graphique complète pour le portefeuille est pas encore prête et il faudra un certain temps pour faire des ajustements sur le logiciel. Worldcoin est toujours à la recherche de personnes qualifiées et motivées - Si vous souhaitez être impliqué dans Worldcoin Global n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un message via notre email contact@worldcoin.global ou sur le forum Accept ou Berzeck. Bitnode Explorateur Worldcoin Martin est allé de l'avant et a acheté un node pour Worldcoin sur bitnode pendant un an qui comprend d'autres services sur le serveur. Un de ces services est un explorateur de bloc (Il reste quelques modifications avant de fonctionner correctement). Il sera notre explorateur de sauvegarde secondaire à notre principal, wdcexplorer . Vous pouvez faire un don si vous le souhaitez afin de soutenir ce noeud pour l'année suivante avec WDC. Autres Nouvelles Notre cowfunding réalisée pour l'équipe brésilienne MyBJJ Jiu Jitsu australienne a été un succès complet car 400 T-shirts avec le logo Worldcoin sont en cours d'impression en ce moment même. Ils seront visibles lors des tournois d'arts martiaux et des compétitions de MMA. Des photos vont suivre. Notre page reddit a été remaniée et déplacée à https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldcoinGlobal/. Le nouveau modèle est très frappant. S'il vous plaît laissez des commentaires sur reddit en vous abonnant. Le forum a été modifié pour avoir Twitter et Facebook comme options de connexion et nous avons également changé notre gestionnaire SMTP pour Mandrill pour tous les e-mails d'inscription.
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    It's already paid for . It will be up and running for a year so no worries there.
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    WDC future block reward

    You are wrong. IF it takes 10 days for a real decrease in rewards, it means the average supply per day is less. In a perfect, non-changing hashrate this would be only 7 days for a reward decrease. Because of the hashrate fluctuation, probably because of multipools, it takes longer than this standard 7-day reward reduction in worldcoin, because the blocks gets slower when the difficulty increases and the multipools jump out of the network. People who want less supply per day are actually already getting what they want because of the multipools.....
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    @coinmath, done http://sitesthatacceptworldcoin.com/listing/bitnodes/
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    Wow! Looks like there is huge progress going on. Worldcoin has the fastest confirmation time, great community and the most talented developers out there. Next thing we need a direct fiat exchange that i sdedicated solely to Worldcoin.
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    WDC future block reward

    Good table. Thanks Xanur! @Oldminer: Right that is more or less the target. 1% reduction per week. Please keep in mind that this is an average which can have some variations depending on the abrupt changes in network hash and difficulty
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    Why is the price rocketing!

    Gold price is down so I guess people want to put their money elsewhere?
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    This is great! Awesome work by the WDC community.
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 10th June

    Thanks c0da for the reports - I addressed the shortlink issue and added some comments on the other. I also started a TODO list.
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 6th May

    Slogan for WDC? Playing with word combinations of WDC Worlds Direct/Dependable/Decentralized Commerce/Coin/Currency there are other words and enhancers that could be added as a slogan.., like most more etc etce
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    And What are YOU listening to?

    Not sure, only a few weeks if that. It's ok, but i don't know.. maybe i just need to listen to it more...
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    And What are YOU listening to?

    I've been listening to the new album from the Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy. I find it sharp, punchy, and modern - but i'm not sure I like it. Which is a first for me, regarding the Prodigy.
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    And What are YOU listening to?

    I will admit that their "Dear Agony" album was kinda samey. I'd recommend checking out Water, Wish I May, No Games, Home, Blow Me Away, Natural Life for a few examples of some of their better work IMHO.
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 1st of April

    A good one... I bet you had a lot of people going as it was written well until about the halfway mark... Then it goes just far enough to go... Oh yeah it's April Fools day!! LOL Funny!! Cheers, Ghosty
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    Wallet Refactor Project 2015

    This is very promising. Since the system is already relatively secure enough, I am glad something is being done about the future usability of the currency. This will be huge!
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    New web page

    I think the menu structure as implemented in the current website is fine. The really important thing would be a neat landing page. I feel crypto rookies really need to see the key features at a single glance when visiting worldcoin.global. So, i'd probably implement a nice artwork illustrating the elements of a WDC transaction - bonus: interactive, so that the user gets more info when pointing the cursor to a certain element. Also, I'd place tutorial videos right on the landing page rather than hiding them in a FAQ section. Instead I feel the news/blog posts should be displayed in a skyscraper-like sidebar so that they don't consume too much of the landing page and leave enough room for the above mentioned features
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 18th Feb

    Last week the Linux wallet beta started for the new wallet features, a couple of days ago a Windows version also became available on beta channels. There are a couple of bugs internally that we have already spotted but if you would like to help please inbox Berzeck on the forums with errors you spot. Tomorrow morning we have an interview scheduled with Bravenewcoin to talk about the Worldcoin Well completion. We’ll let you know how that goes! Forum Events Cryptoid received ‘Einstein’ Award krizal received ‘Supporter’ Award Mathy bought ‘Ruby’ Sponsor Spam questions added to registration Merchant spotlight Crypto Cloud Hosting recently started accepting Worldcoin. They host with their own servers and offer a reasonable monthly fee for web hosting. Enjoy! ‘Rest assured that your data is safely hosted across our two state-of-the-art Tier 3+ 2N Data centres.’ We’ve also had another shop come up that accepts Worldcoin called the Sterlingcoin official store. They sell lots of small items like pens and mouse mats, mainly branded with Sterlingcoin but the owner has promised his best interests are in Worldcoin, so we shall see.
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    Clicking that link there is nothing but threads headline- so where is the petition and its arguments? Next questions about this 'petition' would be- to whom and for what!
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    How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    The only issue with these speculations is that only time and effort will tell. Yes, crypto is horribly volatile and only known to VERY few people worldwide. It is the biggest opponent to central banking in the history of man. You cannot lie. Crypto will take massive massive effort for adoption, and seeing as law is controlled by banks, pushing for regulation will do nothing unless every government is trying to control it. If you gave the government a 90% stake in WDC they'd adopt it overnight. Since it distributed among thousands of users with the largest stake being 13.2%, government would not support it unless they control the majority of it. That is how every government operates. Having a finite currency would KILL the credit and fiat scam in its tracks, something governments will not be willing to do, and something the people will have to choose. How do we fight it? We really can't. When this system comes to a screeching halt, the people will be left with a choice as what they want the next monetary system to be. Crypto is not yet a store of labor, since gold and silver are heavily manipulated as well, neither are they. Both are better than fiat in my opinion so... Anyways, these are my predictions (based on math and years of study, but take it as a grain of salt) I live in the US (lol....'land of the free') 1. Taxes will continue to rise until even the high end working class can't afford anything. I currently pay 40% of my salary a year to taxes (this is including most everything including income tax) 51% of this country pays no taxes, which are the ones receiving the benefits ironically. Poor people hire no one. 2. The average American has $15k in just credit card debt, not counting loans, mortgages, etc. People cannot AFFORD to pay cash for most anything, unless they have a fantastic well paying career. Say I'm salaried at $63k a year. I'll only get $43k of this after income taxes, then I'm forced to pay sales tax, housing tax, service tax, convenience tax, etc. Taxes on everything but air. 2. The top 1% of wage earners here pay 68% of all federal tax income, none of which is used to run government. In the 1984 Grace Report, not a single NICKLE from taxes was used to run the government. It has all been credit since. 3. All of these taxes will increase to service JUST THE INTEREST on the national debt, which is over $18 TRILLION. Once they can't pay off this interest (kick the can down the road....) BOOM! Everything we fear comes to light. To put this into perspective, the louisiana purchase (Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the US with this purchase by the way) 45 Acres of land = 1 oz of silver. We're in for a very rough road. Crypto is still chugging along and making massive massive leaps in innovation. 6 years ago, none of this existed. 2 years ago, WDC didn't exist. Once again, this is a very very short telling of what's going on, and what I think is going to happen. Hold your faith ANYWHERE but the banks. Mathematically it HAS to come to an end. It will. We don't know when.
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    Worldcoin promotion

    Another site for voting ! Please vote WDC with 5 stars, and others - with not 5 https://coinist.co/cryptocurrencies
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    Cryptsy WDC <-> USD

    there was serious talk with KRAKEN and I would prefer KRAKEN as FIAT trade point for WDC. They can send USD as well as EURO . And are reliable. We are using them more than 1 year.
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    'Crypto Collider' - Accepts WDC

    I will try and write a little tutorial, watch this space K.
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    Worldcoin promotion

    Done too
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    The kicker was cleaning the place up in the morning, then coming back to do it later in the day only to see someone raging about how there were no mods around (followed by someone else raging about there being too many mods). Was always tempted to email the voodoo spammer with some fictitious ailment to see what he'd come up with.
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    How's the cloud mining going?

    Genesis say they are THE ONLY COMPANY still working profitable ?! http://www.cryptoarticles.com/crypto-news/genesis-mining-we-have-not-yet-reached-the-point-of-negative-cloud-mining-operations