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    Cryptodiggers next move is digital currency based user-managed auction system. User will have to register and validate via SMS to cell phone. And approval after registration is needed to maintain trust and security. Auction will have 2 standard approaches - user managed and auction system managed. Small fee for placing auction is planned and of course in case of system managed auction there is commission fee too. We don't want to promise any deadline but as side effect there will be something MISSING in WDC. Supported currencies (WDC,BTC,LTC) we hope you will enjoy it CryptoDiggers TEAM Buggie
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    The WDC article I had been working on is now published on here at CryptoWorldwide.com. If you're interested in checking the article out, please feel free to leave feedback and criticism in the comment section. The more feedback I receive, the better my writing will become. Also, the first monthly publication contest is available for any prospective writers interested. There are prizes for the top 3 picks: 1st - 0.15 BTC, 2nd - 0.1 BTC, and 3rd - 0.05 BTC. Check out the contest details here. Thanks again to all those who helped me find the information I needed as well as Accept especially for the cool picture you made for me to use. I look forward to keeping up-to-date with this crypto coin. It's exciting what you guys are doing for the crypto world, keep it up!
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    Pulzar's Worldcoind bridge

    Hello guys, i finished developing the bridge between Pulzar and Worldcoind, this means that our application server talks with worldcoind as if they were teenage lovers. So next release will be about giving our users another plugin service that tests this 'relationship'. I will finish beta until weekend so our most adventurous supporters can help us testing and polishing, to do that please subscribe to Beta Channel in wizard ( Expert Settings ), public release will be made a couple of days after This is a screenshot of Pulzar (Spanish), each window represents a core service ( 6 services ), the window in the center is Pulzar getting some basic info from Worldcoind. Above Pulzar's backbone, we are developing plugins that use this core services, the first one was the auto update plugin that we are ready to make use starting with this release (current users of 1.0.2 enjoy this feature and will be visible when next release is available) .
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    What would you like to see in 2015?

    I'd say more of the same level of development... Your tireless commitment to moving Worldcoin forward has shown that we are the real deal... that the community has genuinely taken over and steered the ship towards calm waters... And that our community is not only dedicated and focused on the end goal to bring Worldcoin to widespread adoption, but that our community is full of very talented individuals all working together to achieve it!! Our rocky past is but a distant memory and our future looks bright!! People are noticing the hard work going on here and I predict a great year ahead and I can't wait to see the progress this time next year!! Cheers, Ghosty
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    WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta Release !

    Worldcoin Business Center - Beta released!. After a short delay, the team has created unseen genuine software in the crypto-verse and has moved away from the copy and paste methodology lots of other coin developers like to use. Read http://worldcoin.global/wallets/WBC-2.0.0-Beta-RELEASE NOTES.pdf before installing. Download WBC Beta at http://worldcoin.global/wallets/WorldcoinBC-2.0.0-Beta.rar Once downloaded, you may edit Daemons.cfg file and change the value of DataDirectory pointing to the directory where the block chain is/will be located. Later this week a new blog post will be made detailing on how to develop your own custom components. Also please check http://forum.worldcoin.global/index.php?/topic/220-wbc-beta-1-know-issues/ for issues and bug reporting. Johnny had a problem with his arm and will rest a few days. We wish him a fast recover !
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    Just a speculation, but I think WDC will do some really cool things for people in need in the coming year. The price of WDC is less important to me because profits will be had for investors if they stick around long enough and more investors will come when WDC gets public recognition for its moral activities. The importance is in what WDC can do for people in need, not for who can make a quick buck off of it. Profits can be realized from doing good things and that's what makes WDC a good coin to be a part of.
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    I have a special place in my heart for Worldcoiners, so if you want to announce it in the weekly report, I'll allow entries as late as July 17th. These contests are going to occur monthly, so if anyone misses out this month they can always wait until next month to enter. Thanks Johnny.
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    Thank you for your encouraging words. Your criticism has been heard and created a twitter, Facebook, and youtube account. I really appreciate you sharing the article, there's many more to come.
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    WDC future block reward

    Because I can't edit my original post, I'll repost an updated chart here. This was made possible thanks to the data provided by Xanur.
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report June 17th

    If I may say: don't forget to star the WDC related projects on Github if you have an account, it helps quite a lot for search results and motivates the developers.
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    Chunky Monkey Released!

    Managed to compile Chunky Monkey on OSX 10.9.5 \o/ [c0da@outcast ~]$ $ uname -a Darwin outcast.local 13.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 13.4.0: Wed Mar 18 16:20:14 PDT 2015; root:xnu-2422.115.14~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 [c0da@outcast ~]$ $ worldcoind getinfo { "version" : 1010000, "protocolversion" : 75000, "walletversion" : 60000, "balance" : 0.00000000, "blocks" : 10891, "timeoffset" : 0, "connections" : 3, "proxy" : "", "difficulty" : 0.06252487, "testnet" : false, "keypoololdest" : 1434443379, "keypoolsize" : 101, "paytxfee" : 0.00000000, "mininput" : 0.00001000, "errors" : "" } Will create a PR on Github with the modified code and I'll create a BuildOSX.md with explanations as well. Cheers.
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    Trade Worldcoin on CEX.IO with 0% fee

    Trade Worldcoin for Bitcoin with 0% fees on CEX.IO! The offer is on and going now. We invite everyone to try out new features on CEX.IO and enjoy trading for free. More info about improvements and offer: http://bitcoin.cex.io/promo/
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    I bought a lot of WDC at litebit last year via "Sofort" (bank wire transfer which is immediately processed) - worked very well, it's legitimate business. I think the reason why they don't accept cc any more could be "customers" filing complaints at their cc providers forcing a reversal of the transaction and ending up with both their money as well as the coins. At least that's the reason why a lot of crypto places don't accept PayPal anymore... There is still a quite significant imbalance between customer protection vs. merchant protection - so I can fully understand merchants not accepting cc / PayPal since those can be loopholed quite easily :S
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    Wallet Refactor Project 2015

    In the future that's exactly the idea, have a common API for online shops, so making the plugin for each will be done in hours, the shops themselves will be able to do the work. I don't know exactly when this component will be finished though, but that's definitely our objective.
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    Adding WDC to Alcurex

    Hi community! Finland has launched it's very first altcoin exchange, and I would like WDC to be added there. I am hoping this helps worldcoin a bit further in its road to success, and that no-one has not much objection to the matter. At the moment Alcurex is getting much new volume from BTER, I guess one's loss is another's success... Anyway, I just wanted to a) join here in this community and to let you all know that I have requested WDC to be added at alcurex also. Hope you also join trading there and chatter in the chat box. I hope this suits you all. https://alcurex.org Cheers HM
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    Worldcoin promotion

    Pease vote on https://bter.com/trade/wdc_btc 5 stars for WORLDCOIN.
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    Worldcoin 3.1 Has been released!

    Please read official news at our official site I am very sorry for the long development cycle, December through February where very busy for me. But next months will be a lot more intense
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    Tossing out ideas

    I'd like everyone to toss out some ideas for projects using WDC. I am a web developer and I'm looking to create something that uses WDC but I'd like it to be something that is both 1. useful to the community 2. is achievable to make by someone in their free (who has little free time). I have already made a lotto game in the past that used LTC that I could convert to WDC very quickly and easily but I can't host it because I am in the US. So that is just one idea, what's yours?
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    Version 3.2 changes

    Hello! After some discussion with our Chinese partners we agreed on the following urgent changes for next version. - Fix all bugs (please help us reporting in this thread) - Get rid of installer. From next version you will download a compressed file and execute the exe and that's it. This is important because they say they have problems with downloading files due the great firewall (can not verify if this is true) - Updater code should be moved to the wallet. As we are getting rid of the installer, downloading files should be processed from the wallet itself - Downloading chain should be done from within the wallet at any time you like. I will try to provide all chains for all coins offered
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    Why you want to own cryptocurrency. Now let’s get to it. Unless you have been living on the moon past years, big part of your life and activities are in your computer and on your phone. We are a society relying on debit and credit cards and no paper money for our transactions. We use this so often without thinking about the real cost. It costs to send and receive money, there are fees to take your money internationally and there are fees to buy and sell currencies. The banking system does everything it can to get fees from it’s costumers. The banks have been corrupted for years by greed. What if we could get rid of the infrastructure of greed that is robbing the citizens and our economy? This is where cryptocurrency comes in. It hasn’t replaced the banks yet, but cryptocurrency offers a smarter alternative to the banking systems, as a form of exchange. The possibilities with cryptocurrency. Understanding this topic was a little intimidating, but with a financial industry worth $87 Trillion per year, it was worth spending the time to learn about it even just about a small piece of that. The technology behind cryptocurrency can sound really complicated, I’m going to try to keep it simple in my talk. Essentially, benefits of cryptocurrency involve decentralization of our financial system. This is where our money is not dependent on banks and government for management. A decentralized cryptocurrency financial system self manages through an computer programmed algorithm. This has been happening since 2009 and the cryptocurrency market is booming. Cryptocurrency brings a big change to the finance world where you can transfer money anywhere in the world without the idiotic high fees set by the central banking system. And those are just few benefits. Not forgetting that the technology behind cryptocurrency prevents fraud and corruption with its security measures. Governments and financial institutions in the world adopt cryptocurrency This technology industry is growing so fast in a short amount of time. You hear about Mike Tyson launching his own line of Bitcoin ATM machines, than you hear that eBay is making their own patent for cryptocurrency and is starting to work towards accepting bitcoin as payment. There are so many corporations and international institutions that recognize the efficiency, value and future of the cryptocurrency blockchain tech, they are adopting it as much they can. A whole new world has been born with this new financial industry that has brought the future of money to us. The concept of cryptocurrency and the industry that has grown around it is proving to be one of the most profitable trends of our lifetime. Even though people miss there chance with Bitcoin, it does not mean there will not be any other opportunities in the cryptocurrency market for them. I predict that 2016 will be the biggest year yet for cryptocurrency, WorldCoin in particular, and will represent a life changing year for everyone who are smart enough to learn about what is going on in time to be part of it and benefit from it for years to come. I think that most retailers you visit to shop from will accepting cryptocurrency in coming years. Over 300,000 merchants accept it and more are joining it every day. The future of cryptocurrencies is not only coming it is already here knocking on your door so it is yours to open and let it in. Stop waiting for something big to happen, or you will end up reacting with the masses after it’s too late. Now is the time to act fast. Look all around you and you will see that banks, businesses, governments, and other major financial players have started to invest in the cryptocurrency blockchain tech. Now is the perfect time to enter the crypto race while all those big financial institutions are still trying to figure it out. Why you should start getting into cryptocurrency in 2016 1. High chance of profitability: Let’s discuss the potential of profit. I think it is the most important thing to people. When I hear stories like, where a man bought some Bitcoins for 30 USD and forgot about them, only to realize he made around 1 million USD, that shows me the high potential of profit with cryptocurrency. This is not the only Bitcoin success story. Just go on google and see. You will see a lot of people made money by getting Bitcoins at the right moment. So even though it might be too late to make it big on Bitcoin, we are still at the beginning of the cryptocurrency industry and there is nothing but growth in the near future. But in this world of new financials there are many other coins than Bitcoin. I have already seen few coins that should do well in the markets. 2. Global commerce: Another reason why cryptocurrency, is the convenience of being able to transfer money instantly all over the world. Unlike using the transferring service in banks or other financial institutions, you don’t need to wait days for your transaction. There are also no expensive fees that go along with it. Using cryptocurrency is cheaper and faster than traditional money transferring services. 3. Safe haven for your money: This third topic is not for everyone but it is just as important as the other 2 things I have mention. The thing we all know for sure is how many of the riches people, the 1% of society, are putting their money into cryptocurrency. Part of it is the nice potential for return with its increase in value, but there are more reasons than that. In 2009, the US experienced an economic recession. Some places in the world are still experiencing some volatility and financial troubles cause of this. In countries like Greece, Cyprus and Zimbabwe, the economy did get so bad that the banks were limiting the amount of money each costumer could withdraw every day from there own accounts. And when the banks and governments don’t let you to take out your own money to feed you and your family, you have to look to other options. Fortunately, now is the time where you can use cryptocurrency to transfer money to your family and friends anywhere in the world and help them out when ever they need it. And that’s what happened in Greece. Cryptocurrency ATM machines started to pop up all over the country, giving people a means of exchange in commerce. Maybe you don’t think this is important, but imagine if your family was living in a country experiencing difficult financial times due to the failing banking system and you needed to send them some money… you would surely be thankful to have cryptocurrency to buy them whatever they need to survive. What if You missed out on Bitcoin? If you are just like me and all the other skeptics who did not make it big with Bitcoin, it’s not too late for you. With the current value of Bitcoin it is out of reach for most normal people to invest effectively in… but there are other opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. And you can be sure that as the markets and tech continues to innovate, there will be more top cryptocurrency coins in the market other than bitcoin. What is the next move? This is how I explain it to people. Bitcoin was the first with a tech that has revolutionized the financial markets as we know them. When they made bitcoin, they probably did not see all the challenges which would have prevented it from reaching mass adoption. But just like any other developments in tech… when a success is created there are people with money, skills, and resources sitting on the sidelines examining and contemplating strategies and ways to create a better, faster, more efficient version. They want the same success, right? Then they execute. They take the best of Bitcoin and include it. They take the worst of Bitcoin and throw it away, innovate and improve on the function and bring us their version… and if I know technology, with it’s too many updates and new versions… this is just the start of the cryptocurrency future. This is what is happening in the cryptocurrency right now. There are going to be more than one cryptocurrency that people will use everyday, just like we have many types of credit cards and payment solutions. How will you profit from cryptocurrency trend? Okay, There are few ways to participate in the cryptocurrency markets. Take action now! The faster you act when new cryptocurrencies with a proper team backing it comes out the more likely you are to capitalize on it. The saying don’t put all your eggs in the same basket is instrumental in cryptocurrency. And in the end find a cryptocurrency that has a set a good long term plan but not one that is in it to make money real quick and than forgetting about evolving and keeping there coin alive. We have only begun to scratch the surface. If you have been reading and researching the same things I have… you should be extremely excited for the future of cryptocurrency.
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    Worldcoin BC Beta 3 Released!

    Worldcoin Business Center - Beta 3 released!. We are almost there ... Check the detail at known issues. You can add your own issues and bugs here. Read Release Notes before installing. Download WBC Beta at WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta 3 Once downloaded, you may edit Daemons.cfg file and change the value of DataDirectory pointing to the directory where the block chain is/will be located. If you already installed Beta 1 or Beta 2, you can overwrite all files and keep *.cfg files to store your previous configuration options. Check last screenshot showing updater and transfer components
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    So far 2016

    Alright 2016 has started well for Worldcoin so far, our webpage was launched with great success and our forum has been picking up lately even though many posts have been by one man ranting. But even though there has been little negative feedback manly just from one person and little technical hick ups that have since been fixed by our lead dev Berzeck. So so far many positives have been happening. But if we look to the future there are even more good things going to happen for WDC, there is a new wallet coming out that Berzeck has been working on night and day for the past months and it is looking amazing. After the wallet comes out the dev team is going on a other project that will come out later this year that will help WDC to put it permanently on the map as a leading Cryptocurrency. Hope you all will enjoy 2016 as much as we will.
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    WBC 2.0.1 Released!

    Linux and Windows versions are available (64 bits), please download at http://worldcoin.global/worldcoin-quick-start/ Don't forget to open README file! http://worldcoin.global/wallets/README_PLEASE.pdf [Fixed] -- Windows 10 compatibility issues with Windows 10 (incorrect rendering) [Fixed] -- Fixed bug in 'Address Detail' component that didn't display all addresses in some circumstances [Component] -- Added 'Transaction List' component that displays last N transactions (parameter N can be changed and saved) [Component] -- Added functionality in 'Encrypt Wallet' component that allows to change the encryption password Comment!
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 7th October

    This is good news, waiting for release of Beta 3, wallet
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    WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta 2 Released !

    Worldcoin Business Center - Beta 2 released!. After a short intensive period of beta testing, many bugs were solved, you can check the detail at http://forum.worldcoin.global/index.php?/topic/220-wbc-beta-1-know-issues/. You can add your own issues and bugs here. Read http://worldcoin.global/wallets/WBC-2.0.0-Behttp://worldcoin.global/wallets/WBC-2.0.0-Beta2-RELEASE NOTES.pdfta2-RELEASE NOTES.pdf before installing. Download WBC Beta at WorldcoinBC 2.0.0 Beta 2 Once downloaded, you may edit Daemons.cfg file and change the value of DataDirectory pointing to the directory where the block chain is/will be located. If you already installed Beta 1, you can overwrite all files and keep *.cfg files to store your previous configuration options.
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    Thanks for the update. Exciting times once again for WDC
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    Worldcoin on BitcoinWisdom

    it would be great having WDC on BitcoinWisdom though I think the admins/devs are not there or gone, becuase I see that DASH is still listed as DRK...this was changed months ago, yet still not updated on their site. That's the hint I got they are gone, I guess that's why no response.
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    To those interested in the publication contest, I had a change of heart, prizes have been increased substantially!
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    Chunky Monkey Released!

    The Chunky Monkey has been released! Please read the 'README PLEASE' file first located in : http://www.worldcoinalliance.net/worldcoin-wallets/ There you will find instructions on how to upgrade. Next version will be major so we will post hints on this subforum. Happy worldcoining!
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    Next WDC wallet details. READ the blog

    Hey guys, please read our new blog at http://worldcoin.global/so-you-want-to-dance-with-the-hippo/ it has some details on new wallet Waiting for feedback and comments !
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    "Old" cryptos' renaissance?

    I read that a guy named Ryan is causing the pump and dump schemes, they say he even is bragging in a bitcointalk thread ( i didn't search for it). The same with infinite and megacoin. It seems he targets coins without development and pump the hell out of them. This is just speculation and i didn't bother to check the rumours. Our mini pumps are coming from China, hopefully not a P&D.
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 10th June

    Thanks c0da for the reports - I addressed the shortlink issue and added some comments on the other. I also started a TODO list.
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    Why is the price rocketing!

    Operation worldcoin to the moon is being implemented. Have you noticed that we not on Bitcoin wisdom... Cause we don't want the public to see us shoot up just yet. someone being very sneaky this ain't no pump and dump... It's just a true reflection of where we should be in my books. 0.001 please. The downward algorithms have been reversed?
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    And What are YOU listening to?

    I will admit that their "Dear Agony" album was kinda samey. I'd recommend checking out Water, Wish I May, No Games, Home, Blow Me Away, Natural Life for a few examples of some of their better work IMHO.
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    Say Hello

    Welcome back... Worldcoin is such a great community and coin that it's kinda like the lyrics to hotel California.... "You can check out any time you like but you can never leave!!" I will never leave even if I take a break every now and then... I'll always be back!! Cheers, Ghosty
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    Tis a nice little marriage that serves to better both exchanges. Here's to a successful future on banx.io! ~~ Xodianbarr
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    I only know because I've seen someone else use it before. This is the sort of thing http://www.gliffy.com/examples/network_diagrams
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    Wallet Refactor Project 2015

    This is very promising. Since the system is already relatively secure enough, I am glad something is being done about the future usability of the currency. This will be huge!
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    New web page

    I think the menu structure as implemented in the current website is fine. The really important thing would be a neat landing page. I feel crypto rookies really need to see the key features at a single glance when visiting worldcoin.global. So, i'd probably implement a nice artwork illustrating the elements of a WDC transaction - bonus: interactive, so that the user gets more info when pointing the cursor to a certain element. Also, I'd place tutorial videos right on the landing page rather than hiding them in a FAQ section. Instead I feel the news/blog posts should be displayed in a skyscraper-like sidebar so that they don't consume too much of the landing page and leave enough room for the above mentioned features
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    Making Worldcoin more user friendly

    Today I Send it to Berzeck via PM.
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    Worldcoin Pins??

    You misunderstood me, it's probably safe to assume that they can build them with a minimum quantity which i would guess is in the hundreds range. Our current active user base is 700 + (Pulzar gives us this info ) so the majority of them would need to buy at least one for the committee to recoup it's investment. But maybe i am speculating too much, and you are right it doesn't need too much effort to at least have a quote and know exactly what we are talking about; i just did that and when i receive a response (form states 48 - 72 hours response time ) i will comment it here so all of us can see if we can make this a feasible project. About your other comments, Throgrim asked to attend some personal stuff, we expect he will be able to focus on WDC in the following weeks. Fortunately we still have some people that is willing to work on our marketing efforts. We have a marketing plan but we won't deploy it until refactor is finished, so these guys will have a solid base to work with, that is the reason we are not doing too much in that area right now. Also the marketing strategy will change to target very specific groups, we definetely won't try to convince the whole world at once because that cost a lot of money and surely it doesn't work as expected. We don't need a group for PR so Johnny is doing a great work in that area. About we dismissing many things .. well that is probably true but with good reason, as we posted previously, we had a lot of problems that needed attention first, mostly boring stuff like domains, servers, passwords , assets, web pages, source code, versioning, applications, unfinished projects, previous committe member spectations, policies, etc etc etc. because after transition most of these things were in limbo, so yes we probably dismissed a lot of things trying to sort out these problems first, this took a lot longer than any of us would have imagined; i am relatively new in WDC committee so i went through just the last part of this process and let me tell you it was a very very exhausting and frustrating period. I have great respect for my current colleagues for prevailing in those past WDC dark ages. Good news is that we can now focus on making progress, and that's what we will do
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    Chunky Monkey !

    Hi guys, i am uploading the new version of Pulzar on the production server which includes the bridge with worldcoind, this is necessary for the new wallet which will enter a short beta period in about 2 days. Interested persons please PM me for instructions. The server update will be made at 9 UTC to 11 UTC ,2014-02-10, so downloads will be unavailable during this period
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    Worldcoin Weekly Report 18th Feb

    Thanks for the update FYI: Linux beta works very very well on my netbook (Debian) ^^
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    Clicking that link there is nothing but threads headline- so where is the petition and its arguments? Next questions about this 'petition' would be- to whom and for what!
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    Cryptsy WDC <-> USD

    there was serious talk with KRAKEN and I would prefer KRAKEN as FIAT trade point for WDC. They can send USD as well as EURO . And are reliable. We are using them more than 1 year.
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    How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    I am holding 1 million + WDC ( half for me and half for family and friends )
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    'Crypto Collider' - Accepts WDC

    I will try and write a little tutorial, watch this space K.
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    The kicker was cleaning the place up in the morning, then coming back to do it later in the day only to see someone raging about how there were no mods around (followed by someone else raging about there being too many mods). Was always tempted to email the voodoo spammer with some fictitious ailment to see what he'd come up with.
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    CryptoDiggers Payment Plugins to make the accepting WDC for merchants owning webshops engines like Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce much more easier we created and published (Magento, OpenCart) to respective stores. 1. OpenCart 1.5.6.x or on our API site 2. OpenCart 2.0 or on our API site 3. Magento or on our API site 4. Woocommerce only on our API site
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    Where to begin

    More and more people are waking up to the horrible reality of the situation thanks in large part to the open and free internet... We must defend it's openness for it could very well be the one thing that could change the world for the better... I would also recommend people watch the Zeitgeist movies http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ ... Crypto's are the future so long as we the people stay focused on the goal of educating the masses... There is a saying that goes roughly like this... "It only takes a few dedicated people to change the world... Indeed it's the only thing that ever has" I am paraphrasing but you get the idea!! The crypto community in general is a small dedicated group who can see the benefits of this technology and we will see it through!! Any other recommendations are welcome... There are many such examples of books and films!! Cheers, Ghosty