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    New Exchange

    Worldcoin listed on AEX.com
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    Hi everyone! Quick update: We have another new personnel joining us in Riot. One way is to PM Vitalicus or me your application with a write-up of how you can contribute to WDC, along with your matrix ID. If successful, Vitalicus or myself would send the invite to Riot. Please step forward and make a difference. Every bit counts! Also, don’t miss out on our discussions in Riot!!!
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    Wake Up Call!!!

    https://twitter.com/WorldcoinGlobal It was pretty active and enjoyable! Lot of pictures and tweets, i think we have to go back and be active i can be the person who takes care of tweeter if you want, i can post 2/3 times a week easily
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    Ok so here is a simple, unfinished rough concept idea of a SIMPLE WALLET. Remember its just a concept not a finished product. I still personally love the WDC Business center but there can be an option on the wallet download page for a Simple or advanced wallet, users choice. This concept here can also be made into just a half a wallet with A settings drop down menu and just send, receive, backup wallet options, with logo with users balance if you wanted to make a simpler wallet. And in settings it would have all the advanced options.
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    Wake Up Call!!!

    The level of discussion here proofs yet again the existence of evolution and the fact that we are still monkeys. Natalya, now that you have come out with your motive, I have to say you are a horribly bad saleswoman. You can gain absolutely nothing by your warmonging. You can address that you are aware of the demise of the coin, but you are doing everything wrong sales wise. Further debate about this is useless because it's very obvious you or your team will not be working with WDC. However, on a bright side, Natalya proved that there are teams that are interested in WDC although it meant starting from scratch technically. As I've said before, we are going to need a TEAM with broad competence, not just one dev. Now how to find professional ones?
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    Chinese 'partners'

    This discussion is going nowhere. We should also stop calling them " Chinese investors or parteners"... they are just some fucking criminals who robbed some traders with a pump and dump scheme using Worldcoin and hurting the coin.
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    This method works in all niches and will surely work on Worldcoin. We will basically search Google for persons who want to invest into crypto and deliver them an option by leaving a comment with a link. We will search Google based on these keywords who have buyers intent: best cryptocurrency best alternative to bitcoin next cryptocurrency to invest in best cryptocurrency to invest the best cryptocurrency best crypto alternate cryptocurrencies most valuable cryptocurrency best new cryptocurrency easiest cryptocurrency to mine best coin to mine best crypto currencies invest cryptocurrency buy cryptocurrency with credit card best cryptocurrency to invest 2017 best cryptocurrency to invest in day trading cryptocurrency make money with cryptocurrency best altcoin top cryptocurrency best crypto wallet internet currency how to trade cryptocurrency coin alternative crypto money buy cryptocurrency cryptocurrency trading guide trading cryptocurrency most profitable cryptocurrency best digital currency compare cryptocurrencies best cryptocurrency 2017 popular cryptocurrencies what is cryptocurrency cryptocurrency prices what is cryptocurrency mining digital currency list most popular cryptocurrencies onecoin price (This is a scam coin but ppl still invest in it..crazy) one coin cryptocurrency (This is a scam coin but ppl still invest in it..crazy) mining cryptocurrency what is the best cryptocurrency types of cryptocurrency how to buy cryptocurrency best bitcoin alternative best cryptocurrency to buy best place to buy bitcoin which cryptocurrency to buy top 10 cryptocurrency cyber currency bitcoin highest price should I invest into (name ot he coin) why i invested (x money) into (name of the coin) "just replace name of the coin with one in top 100" Note: Google will suggest other search terms based on these.Feel free to use them. Also if you find other keywords with buyers intent use them. The method Go to Google and search for your keyword. If your keyword is a phrase, put it in quotation marks. Click on " Tools" under the search box. Change "Any Time" to "Past 24 Hours"(You can start at 30 days but keep in mind that fresh content in Google tend to attract more users) Change "Sorted by relevance" to "Sorted by date" to get the most recent results first. If you want to search Facebook posts or any other site, you can also do this on Google by entering the following and changing the time and sort as above: Searching for: "your keyword" site:facebook.com You will find Blogs, Forum, Videos, Pictures etc. Your main goal should be BLOGS and FORUMS Find relevant places that are talking about cryptocurrency and add valuable comments Note: You can search for terms like Bitcoin or Crypto also and leave your comment but is not likely that ppl will get involved since they are not there to invest. Comment Rules 1 Don't spam and don't copy paste comments 2 Stay Consistent 3 Don’t constantly link back to the same page https://worldcoin.global/ also link to various inner pages too: wdc forum threads, exchanges,wdc YouTube video, wallet etc or wdc media articles 4 Don’t assume high-quality news sites will delete your link. Some don’t even check. 5 Revisit old posts. This is particularly important on forums where there may have been following up questions. Replying to these will keep the thread, and the link back to our site, active. 6 The key thing to remember when you are commenting on blogs is to always add value to the post you are contributing to. Failing to do this is the quickest way to get your comment deleted. It’s this consistent commenting and adding value that will create steadily increasing profitable traffic.Put some thought into each reply you make, and try to customize it to directly relate to the post you are responding to. Read what people are saying and start from that. The main focus should be 'the problem" that are they having if it's a web page read the article and start from there .... said something like:"I like your article especially the part about..." the idea it's to blend wdc link without looking like spam.This not only helps you get a better response, but it allows you to fly under the radar of website owners and moderators. 7 Make any disadvantage an advantage:"Currently 99% of wdc market comes from China imagine when other markets will start accepted it !" advantages ideas: -Block reward get reduced 1% every week.That means that every week less worldcoin are produced 256mil coins will ever be produced.(114,799,687 WDC exist now). This will slowly increase price with time -Transactions fee are 0.0000025% of the transaction value and will be used to pay the miners -The name of the coin.(BIG YES HERE- This is not MortalKombatCoin or TrumpCoin) -Worldcoin wallet supports multiple coins. Now supports WDC, BTC, LTC, DOGE and more coins will be added soon.The idea behind the wallet it's that once people start using it will attract investors who use different coins to use WDC -3 years ago wdc manage to raise money and built a well in Imulama Dispensary (Kenya) who gave access to clean water to 500 really poor people. etc. -Price increase from the start of the year (Everybody likes a winner) 8 There is no negative publicity. If you think you could hurt the coin if u comment to much think again. If everybody in the crypto world will hate us the wdc price will be 100$. 9 Don't think is the user decided about investing in another coin you shouldn't leave a message. Other people will read that post also.Note the number of Views 2,281 on one topic and 66996 on another.66k ppl this is crazy. People like this kinda forum post. 10 Not every blog you comment on will accept it. Don't get discouraged and stay consistent.Some webmaster visits their site once a week and that it's the moment when they will accept your comment or not. 11 Sites are not equal. After you comment a while you will see that some blogs tend to attract more visits. Some sites even have a visit counter. More visitor on that page=more person who read the comment and then click the link.In time you can improve here making a list oh sites who attract more user and comment only there. 10. You can use bitly to shorten your link to have a sense of that are you doing. Bitly allows you to see statistic as a number of visits, country etc. https://bitly.com/ 11. Don't panic if u can't leave a link.Usually, sites that are receiving a large number of users don't allow links.Comment anyway.People will copy paste worldcoin term into google to find out more...We want them to do that. Note: If you are not native (I'm not) you could use a free version of Grammarly to help you with your spelling and grammar mistakes.Use these link to get 1 week of Premium http://gram.ly/C5vQ If you don't wanna type you could use VoiceNote II - Speech to text ( this is a Google Chrome Extension) + Grammarly (mic needed) Not all of your searches will present you with an opportunity to post, but the majority of blogs and forums will have a window of opportunity for you to leave some feedback that directs readers to our website. How many comments a day? In order to see real result, we need about 50 comments/day(100 will be better ) = 1500 month that's because every comment will attract in a month about 10 visitors (some more, some less, some none). I don't want to stress you about but keep in mind that users who visit a site are not equal. The user who will come from this type of comments are highly targeted users that are having a real interested into crypto and want to buy and get involved and they are exactly the kind of individual we need the most. How many will buy? Around 1-2% of the user who comes to our site will buy and 1% will register on the forum. At 15000 visit/month. That's about~ 150-300 new buyers and 150 new ppl on the forum. If you think none will buy I can tell that a friend of mine is making a living selling this product http://bit.ly/2spHh6k .If he can convince someone to buy that product you can also convince someone to join WDC Keep in mind the fact that this type of comments will attract visits every month at a lower pace in the months to come. Next month we will have 15000 new visits from new comments and about 3000 visits from old ones. I hope you understand how these will stack on the long term.Even after 2 years comments still produce a low number of visits How do I know that this method will work? I know for a fact that multimillion dollar started these way but I tried last month the method for you already. This is from my Amazon affiliate account and these are the results from 7 Comments on May (5 blogs 2 on forums). Took me 20 minutes. If you are native will take you less As you can see from 7 comments I received 189 clicks and I sold items worth 453 $ and I made 30 bucks. Also, the conversion rate is good 3.17%. What will happen if we do it.? 1 Price will increase. 2. New user will come to our site and even if they do not buy they will hear about us. Keep in mind the fact that 15000 visits/months=50000 new people finding out about WDC. Not every user who read a comment will also click the link( I will explain how important is this in a later post). 3.Investors do not follow technology they are following people who follow technology. Guys with serious cash will appear. They will help us with our development.(We need to support Berzeck more he is just a person and already making a huge difference) 4 In terms of SEO. Linking back from so many domains will help WDC site and forum rise on Google for long tail keywords like:"is wdc reasonable cryptocurrency to invest in".... that will attract more organic visits from google=more users. 5 New user will attract other users. Did you told friends and family about wdc ?? Every new user will tell someone about wdc. at least some new person will hear about us. Most of them will also buy wdc because we trust our friends more than any marketing campaign. 6 More exchanges. I contacted several exchanges over the last 2 years and to be honest, most of them didn't respond, but the ones who respond sent a semi-auto message saying in many words that they will mainly accept coins base on the number and activity of the community. Guess what our forum is rather thin and 160' registered members it's not enough to them. Getting our ass to some new exchanges will increase price and users number. 7 Network will start working better 8 Switching block chain tech will be easy with more user and we will be able to introduce lite wallet also. 9. New users have a higher value.That's because new users tend to stay longer and also number 5 10. Other good thinks will happen but I don't want to bore you too much.I will create a separate post about other methods when we reach 1k user on the forum.(Mobilis in Mobili) Creating 50 comments/day for a single person it's hard but if everyone on the forum will create like 2-3 comments a day that's about 10 min of your time that will make a huge difference. To understand our potential keep in mind that the term "worldcoin" has 140 searches a month (the search number it is increasing btw) on Google meaning that the potential for WDC growth is not high it's fucking explosive, also every time a new coin get accepted on a huge crypto market (like Kraken) it instantly receives 3x-5x on price value. If you want to understand more about change and how to start it you should read: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell.(You can find the pdf version on torrents) You will understand this method better and also will help you with your business or whatever you are doing. Some business owners pay teams of VA from Philipines to do this all day long. So next time you search for a mattress to help you with your back pain problem or whatever keep in mind that JOHN from NEW YORK who said that some type of mattress change his life could be Vishnu from NEW DELHI and they are not using mattresses in India. If you are having a problem with staying consistent you should setup google alerts with a term like bitcoin or cryptocurrency or my keywords so every day you will get an email with sites you can leave your comment on (but I recommend to search on Google because Google will generate new search terms every day). This way you will not forget to comment. https://www.google.com/alerts An example of comments: "I totally agree with you when you say that Etherum will overtake Bitcoin.“The Flippening”will happen sooner than you think and the crypto world will be taken by surprise.This will also, give a higher expectation for other cryptocurrencies. I've personally invested some money in WorldCoin because I think the coin will have a nice future.You can find more about them here<LINK>" ************************** "I was in the same boat as you about six months ago. I had no idea what to believe because everything seemed to be an advertisement. Everybody said to invest money into their coin but after a little research I decided to invest into Worldcon and since then the price has increased a lot.If you want to know more you can contact them on the forum<LINK> I'm sure they will respond all of your questions. Have a nice day." (I'm making him register and ask question on our forum) I hope you understand the type of comments that attract the users. If u just say "WDC is the best coin" you are wasting your time. So instead of watching some silly cat videos or some stupid facebook image just put some goddamned comments. It will take you so little time and will have a huge impact. Basically, you will work for yourself. This method will Requires Acting. If you just read it and didn't post a single comment online then I've just wasted my time writing it So to summarize: ALL you hate to do is to spread the word(WDC) in an organized way If you are lazy you can start here http://bit.ly/213hkB1 ACT ACT ACT Every Day And Change Will Come! Remember, the more comments you create, the more traffic you generate DO IT FOR 1 YEAR AND YOU WILL SEE 100x INCREASE IN PRICE. Everybody is welcome to get involved Note: This is not my method QUESTIONS ?