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  2. CRYPTOSDICE - bet and invest with Worldcoin!

    this company is a scam, plain and simple. I deposited some btc to invest it in being the casino bankrole, and when I divested and withdrew the btc, in 2 transactions, the company only sent me 1 of the transactions. this happened back in february, multiple support tickets, multiple emails, multiple posts on bitcoin talk, no answer, no btc. this company is a scam and steals your money, please avoid.
  3. Committee

    Thanks for stepping up, Mercotique!! WDC needs all the help right now and your contribution would be greatly appreciated!! I'd put you in the proposal and we'd see how the community feel. Personally am very excited to have you for Tweeter! 😀😀
  4. the problem is fixed and was posted in another thread
  5. Tossing out ideas

    The development is paused for the moment, Joe. Personally, for me there is no need to reduce rewards
  6. This is a joke site. I bought WDC some months ago and I signed for this forum. No answer to my question, no activity here at all. This coin is dead. Very disappointed!
  7. Tossing out ideas

    What a joke site this is. This coins is dead!
  8. Committee

    Nice work man! Its good to see people taking care of WDC! I really want to be the Tweeter guy if the community is ok, i spend lot of time on tweeter and i can make great tweets and sneak old accounts who used to really love wdc to messaging them that wdc is alive
  9. Committee

    I further propose the below. There can be more than 1 personnel for each position, which is actually preferred! Please let me know what I missed. 2. Functions 2.1 Worldcoin Global website manager (maintain website) 2.2 Tweeter champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.3 Facebook champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.4 Slack champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.5 Crowdfunding champion (spearhead collection and safeguard funds) 2.6 Developer (maintain wallet and loosely monitor mining and hashrate activities) 2.7 Director (in charge of Roadmap) 2.8 Illustrator (suggest logos etc to improve on cosmetics) 2.9 Publicity (raise awareness of WDC in the community ie YouTube videos or community outreach programs) 2.10 Advisor (general role, including making social media posts)
  10. Slack Work space

    The invitation says "Failed! Something has gone wrong. Please contact a system administrator." but its cool so i gonna close my slack and redirect people to yours if more people are there
  11. Slack Work space

    I have also reserved slack channel https://worldcoin-global.slack.com/ :) Invitation here https://worldcoin.herokuapp.com/
  12. Committee

    Have been downloading onto Windows for 2 days too. Now 36% synced 1.2M blocks out of 3.4M. Go, Athletic Ant!
  13. Wake Up Call!!!

    This is a different coin Worldcoin???
  14. Wake Up Call!!!

    Anyone see this? I find it hard to believe they raised $20 million already and they don't even have whitepaper on their website. Link says coming soon.
  15. Committee

    you should be able to download blockchain bootstrap. I may be mistaken but I think there is a download option during initial install.
  16. Committee

    My WorldCoin Business Center is syncing since 2 days and now at 88 percent so tomorrow its gonna be ok but its a little long to newcomers i think
  17. Committee

    Sounds good. Committee should be setup soon. We need to focus on crowdfunding to fork worldcoin. We should put off any monies toward social media advertising (but keeping up with social media posts) until we have a properly running worldcoin, otherwise will be throwing away money.
  18. Committee

    Very nice bro!
  19. Committee

    Hi everyone! Would like to jump-start the committee with a crude layout of rules/ideas for discussion. 1. Role of committee members: 1.1 Members can either take on a specific role i.e. website manager or a more general role such as Advisor. 1.2 Members are understood to be helping voluntarily unless specified otherwise, hence please be appreciative and not be overly critical of their contributions. 1.3 Members merely serve as contact personnel and they can vary in the levels of their contributions. 1.4 Members are free to resign/pass the baton to the next better individual. Please announce any resignation clearly to facilitate a proper handover. 1.5 Members' identities should be anonymous, unless they wish to reveal themselves. Each member is to at least reveal his nationality. After all, it is WORLDCOIN 1.6 Members have equal voting rights. Each member has 1 vote. Should consensus be needed, the timeframe for members to vote is 7 days (to the hour and minute of the start of vote, given our different time zones). Members who do not vote in time will be considered to have abstained. Majority wins. TO BE CONTINUED (layout of different functions, roping in of personnel, etc)
  20. Version 3.2 changes

    you can use previous wdc version as it is compatible, also i will not get into development for sometime
  21. Wake Up Call!!!

    Screw that, save money. I started a page called Worldcoin global, didn't want anyone to steal the name. If Berzerk and/or Accept wanna appoint it to someone or they want it let me know I'll see how we can transfer it.
  22. Wake Up Call!!!

    So now, WDC again formed a new collective?
  23. Version 3.2 changes

    - is there any chance to have the option to switch to classic GUI (eg via conf file - something like qtstyle= ) ? - and another big problem is that there is no chance to set miners fee since the WorldcoinBC has been released. Currently using 3.1.0 and all txs out are with 0 fee. It was possible to set this in previous versions. Could you add this option back? Or you do not want to reward miners? - another missing option which was in previous versions - Address book. Could you enable this back too? - another missing option - own addresses control - every other coins wallet I know has this feature where I can generate receiving addresses in my wallet and give them a name. Is it a big problem to enable this back again? I really use all these features in other coins wallets and only WDC does not have them. I think I am not the only who want it back. Maybe it could be better to use the latest LTC core wallet and do not make any changes or make a special GUI for it for now. Just clear core wallet which should run without problems.
  24. Earlier
  25. Slack Work space

    No problem
  26. Slack Work space

    Leave it open, when I'm ready i'll give the signal to move over.
  27. Wake Up Call!!!

    Wow! Thanks man, now Im starting to trust
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