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  2. Typical! Send WDC to BTC38 to sell at .22c, week later still not cleared and now WDC tanks...........
  3. Last week
  4. Yes, that's the way to cash out
  5. On btc38 I recive this error "已暂停交易,请移步CNY定价交易". WTF ? they removed BTC/WDC and added WDC/CNY ?
  6. So I can convert BTC in the exchange for cash? And then send the cash directly to my bank account? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a good understanding of the process. Thanks in advance.
  7. You convert to BTC in the exchange, you don't need a BTC wallet for this
  8. 3 BTC ??? LOL When WDC will grow, they will add it without any BTC
  9. I know that are peoples who own a lot of Worldcoins ( millions) and are exchanges who will add a coin for the money Livecoinfor asks 3 BTC to add a coin right away . Livecoin 24h volume = $13,053,495 or 5,022 BTC so it's not a small exchange But it will be ok ?
  10. So basically you need to sell wdc (or any other coin), convert to BTC and then sell BTC for cash? So I need a BTC wallet, etc?
  11. Oh ok cool. I never knew that. I'll remain patient.
  12. They said a few days ago that delays will occur till they fully implement the new YUAN/WDC trades
  13. BTC38 seems good but not perfect. Once in BTC, use CoinBase to sell to your cash account.
  14. Apparently all WDC deposits after the 22nd has not been confirmed This is so poor! Gives you no ability to TRADE!
  15. So far was YUAN-BTC-WDC now is YUAN-WDC trade. It's like usd-wdc trade for China
  16. Your coins are safe (from compatibility point of view)
  17. What does this mean exactly? I noticed just now myself......
  18. I deposited 5000wdc as a test and i see it in my total, but its still confirming. 'Available' is still 0, so I can sell.
  19. Hello, I've sended wdc's from a wallet v0.8.6.1-g55c5572-beta. this is a wallet i've used in 2014. I've mined some wdc back then. Since then i've never done anything in crypto so didn't know that i had to upate the wallet. Does somebody know if my wdc's could be saved, or are they lost? Ther are 0/2 confirmations?!
  20. Can u ask Coin market cap to add the new wdc/yuan trades on btc38  ?

  21. WOW NICE...REAL NICE !!!!!
  22. I have a company who seeks investors.. I will direct some into WDC! Let´s make it happen :-) 

    1. s7ryker


      Thank You

      After Berzeck finishes the new wallet that will solve The Great Firewall problem, WDC will get new investors from China. Many coins have this problem but they don't know about it.

  23. I have just finished syncing my wallet and brought in the amount of WDC I used to have at Poloniex.. Everything is working just fine !! :-)
  24. I traded the last couple of weeks at BTC38 without any issues at all, they even answered my support ticket when I felt a specific withdrawal took too long. Only downside is the 0.5 btc a day withdrawal limit.
  25. Funny fact, that I wanted to buy a server at some weeks ago and they declined my order for whatever reason. Their support was also not nice. So I really can't recommend their services. Better go with this service:
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