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  2. Imagine life a few decades back! You would require to almost spending your whole day for making a very low amount of money spending your whole day away from your family and yet hardly able to bring a smile to their faces! The change started some time ago with the rise in Internet popularity. And then, it reached towards online platforms for buyers/sellers, which opened an entire NEW route of earning. That started the time when people finally were able to earn much more than what they desired and to do it sitting in front of their love and dear ones! But as with every story, here too villains were present. With problems and obstacles coming in to reduce the newly gained happiness in form of sites taking a significant chunk of the effort for no reason! Taking all that up for years, finally the day has arrived where problems will decrease and happiness will increase with the thing called “Deskchain”. Deskchain is a name that’s here to bring back your smile and happiness, it is a classified platform created to help buyers and sellers all over the globe. It is not a RARE creation, but it comes with a RARE concept and structure, where YOU are the MOST IMPORTANT aspect! With not denting you by taking major chuck away. Here you will be in control of just about EVERYTHING. Deskchain is a platform, which will enable creators to sell their digital products directly to consumers without the interference of middlemen. It will allow all type of creators from Authors, comedians, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and software developers to use Deskchain to sell their products DIRECTLY to consumers (buyers), mostly digital content like Albums, Comics, Ebooks, Films, Games, Music, or tutorials. Deskchain allows to create and promote own online store with a single click, have email broadcast feature to attract more customers and much more. There is also complete safety, security, privacy and much more in place to add to the comfort and easiness to the people. But that’s not all! There will be Deskchain Mobile App available as well, which will allow EASY access to everyone from anywhere in the globe. With the Ecosystem, it will allow one to manage everything easily through their smartphones! Deskchain aims for much more in upcoming months with the roadmap already set in, there is a lot more in store for the users. The simplest aim to ensure every individual gets what he deserves! With perfect plans running into place, it only is going to help to take Deskchain to the global level that is aimed for! It is NEVER possible to get such scale of the project on without having a team to match the requirement. There is an exceptional team in place from experts of the blockchain technology to high quality advisors with proven track records and loads of experience behind. This is what makes Deskchain amongst the HOTTEST projects out there and it's our aim to continue on bringing more and more talented people to join us to further expand the project! So, now is the time to get yourself into something you are already IN, but this time with getting the kind of rewards you always wanted and deserved! Check below for further info: Official Website: - https://deskchain.io/ Bounty Campaign: - https://deskchain.io/assets/images/img/bountyfinal.pdf Whitepaper: - https://deskchain.io/whitepaper.pdf Social Media Links: - Telegram: https://t.me/DeskChainC - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeskChain/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeskChain - Github: https://github.com/Deskchain - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8urKV-LLYHOuddVHCSZtdw
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  4. HADA DBANK PRE-ICO CONCLUDED www.Hada-DBank.com CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE IN BOUNTY PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT Hada DBank ended its Pre-ICO exercise last 15th March 2018, successfully, after a vote from its community for an additional 2 weeks extension. 11.3 million HADACoins were sold raising approximately USD3 million. Hada DBank has managed to conservatively achieve its targeted soft-cap. Hada DBank is set to start its Coin Offering exercises soon in the near future. These exercises will be divided into several stages, to reflect the development stages the Bank is undergoing. Stage 1 – ICO will start 1st May 2018 and will run for the entire month of May, marking the end date to be 31st May 2018. 50 Million HADACoins will be up for sale during this stage. Price and tranches will be announced before commencement date. Currently, the MVP is being developed and scheduled to be released before ICO starts. Next stages of Coin Offering will be announced periodically as the development progresses. Participant of Hada DBank bounty & airdrop program will receive their HADACoins, one week after Stage 1 – ICO ends. INTRODUCTION HADA DBANK– your Caring and Personal Banking partners. We aim to be your financial partners, rather than just a financial institution that you use for transactions. This whitepaper will explain how HADA DBANK is different, and the steps we will take towards our goals. We are the first Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, to create an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem. We are troubled with the current mistreatment by banks and financial institutions towards their customers. Existing players create money out of thin air from debt and interest. This is why the global economy has collapsed time after time, evidently since the 1st century. The lack of responsibilities bore by banks is simply audacious. This is why we chose to be a part of the current financial revolution through establishing a Bank, a caring and personal bank. Caring and Personal: these are our core values, shaping and influencing our services, transactions, interactions and running of our businesses. These words will guide our conduct internally within our organization, and externally with our customer and the community. We aspire to be the bank that actually cares to improve people’s lives, rather than just to profit from it. Personalization will also be the main focus in our services. Different customers have different needs, and require different services and attention. HADA DBANK’s customers will have tailored services because we believe, not everyone can wear the same pair of pants. WHY ISLAMIC BANKING? Our reason is simple. We aspire to be a ‘just’ organization in the financial industry. The financial crisis of 2007-2008 serves as a grim reminder how several irresponsible players can capsize an entire industry, putting millions in financial ruins. Islamic banking, due to its transparency, profit and loss sharing concept, will minimize market manipulation and eliminate another domino crash. Islamic Banks are less risky and more resilient than their counterparts, due to the aspects of their bank capital requirements and mobilisation of deposits. As opposed to Conventional Banking, depositors to Islamic Banks are entitled to be informed about what the bank does with their money. They also have a say in where their money should be invested. Islamic banks also strive to avoid interest at all levels of financial transactions and promote risk-sharing between the lender and borrower. There are two basic principles in Islamic banking. One is the sharing of profit and loss; and two, significantly, the prohibition of the collection and payment of interest by lenders and investors. Collecting interest or "Riba" is not permitted under Islamic law. In the case of profit, both the bank and its customer share in a pre-agreed proportion. In the case of a loss, all financial losses will then be borne by the lender. In addition to this, Islamic bank cannot create debt without goods and services to back it (i.e. physical assets including machinery, equipment, and inventory). Hence savings, deposits and investments with our DBank will be backed by physical assets such as precious metals and gemstones. You might think that Islamic banking is only for Muslims. It is not. In June 2014, Britain became the first non-Muslim country to issue Sukuk; the Islamic equivalent of a bond (the word itself is the plural of Sakk, which means contract or deed). In September 2014, the governments of Luxembourg and South Africa as well as the Hong Kong Monetary Authority made issuances. But Sukuk is not limited to sovereigns: in September 2014, Goldman Sachs issued a USD500 Million Sukuk and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Malaysia raised its 1st USD50 from its USD500 Million issuance. All of these entities want in on the USD2 Trillion Islamic financial market. www.Hada-DBank.com Hada DBank Exclusive Features and Advantages Free Encrypted Account & e-Wallet a. Smartphone – Banking App b. Non-smart Mobile phone – SMS / USSD Code Saving & Withdrawal a. Minimum 5% Savings Return per annum b. No withdrawal fee Transfer, Remittance & Exchange a. Free Transfer / Remittance of funds (FIAT & Cryptocurrency) between personal savings accounts and e-wallets b. 0% fee on exchange transactions via HADA Exchange (between cryptocurrencies). No charges on major FIAT currencies during FIAT <> Crypto exchanges. c. Connect with partners or open APIs for better rate for other currencies Loan & Investment a. 0% Loan Interest b. 10% minimum investment return Real-Time Payment Real-Time Payment using HADACoin and other Cryptocurrencies / Tokens through our Debit Card BOT HADA - Financial Management Bot / Personal Financial Assistant (HUDA) Manages everyday expenses within the limits set by you or via the balance of your account. Notifies & automates payments and bills through a prioritised schedule. Assisted planning for Long term & Short Term financial goals. Cashbacks & Discounts a. Cashbacks & Discounts are rewarded when using Hada’s physical and/or virtual Debit Cards (1st year of signing / opening of account) b. Additional Cashbacks & Discounts when paying using HADACoin, indefinitely. c. Additional Discounts from Partners & Affiliates HADACoin & your Savings are backed by valuable assets such as Precious Metals & insured according to Islamic Banking Principles for your peace of mind.[/b] HADACoin Distribution A total of 500 Million HADACoins will be issued. 295 Million coins will be offered for sale. Out of the 295 Million coins, 20 million will be allocated for private investors and institutional buyers. 50 Million of the 275 Million coins will be released during PRE-ICO exercise and the remaining 225 Million coins will be released in our ICO exercise in the near future. 10 Million coins will be allocated for the bounty campaign. HADACoin is a ERC-20 coin created using Ethereum platform. A total of 500 Million HADACoins will be created. HADACoins will have 6 decimal units. Further info about HADACoin as stated below: a. Perform financial activities and services on our Banking Platform b. Pay for services using our Debit Card c. Receive Monetary Profits such as Dividends, Returns and anything of equivalent by keeping it in your Savings Account or utilize our Investment Solutions d. Act as collateral when you apply for our Unsecured and Term Loans e. Trade it on Crypto-Exchanges and make more profit by increasing HADACoin’s value! www.Hada-DBank.com 35% of the capital raised will be allocated for R&D (Research & Development). We plan to hire and retain at least 50 computer programmers, coders and IT personnel to further develop our banking platform and system, as well development of future products. 7 labs will be established in 5 years in which the 1st and 2nd lab will be based in Switzerland and Estonia respectively. OPEX (Operation Expenditure) will make up 30% of the budget. Hiring of management executives will be our main activity under this sector, to ensure that the best partners and talents from related industries join HADA DBANK management and operations. We plan to market aggressively and are currently partnering with an experienced Marketing Partner, to help us put our name to the targeted markets, globally. CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) will receive 20% of the capital raised. Among activities will be the acquiring of offices, investments in hardware for our R&D department, necessary business assets, and precious metals and gemstones (gold, silver and diamonds), to be used as collateral for future customers’ savings, investments and HADACoin’s value. The final 15% will be kept as RESERVE. This Reserve will not be used unless for utmost necessity and strict rules will be set. The decision to utilize this reserve will be determined by the top management collectively and unanimously, to ensure there is no mismanagement and excess usage of the Reserve. We will increase HADA DBANK’s Reserve to 30% of the total capital, in the nearest future in accordance to Islamic Financial Laws. TEAM MOHD AL-SHAZANOUS CEO / CFO, CO-FOUNDER LINKEDIN UAN MAHUSSIN CTO, CO-FOUNDER LINKEDIN LINDA AZMI CMO, CO-FOUNDER LINKEDIN MARCOS MACIAS COO LINKEDIN ADVISORS Prof. Emeritus Dr. Barjoyai Bardai ISLAMIC BANKING & FINANCE LINKEDIN Ayad Almutairi MANAGEMENT ISLAMIC BANKING & INVESTMENT LINKEDIN Yousuf Ikram RISK MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANT LINKEDIN[/b] Guan Seng Khoo (PhD) RISK & DATA SCIENTIST LINKEDIN David Drake INVESTOR RELATIONS LINKEDIN Richard Gora INVESTOR EXPERT LINKEDIN Robby Schwertner BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY EXPERT LINKEDIN Darrell Emmanuel INVESTMENT & ASSET MANAGEMENT LINKEDIN Zahid Ali STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LINKEDIN Faiz Ahmed Faiz MARKETING & CRYPTOCURRENCY LINKEDIN Kevin Koo S.K. LEGAL LINKEDIN Col. Loc Hamaka Nawi SECURITY WWW.HADA-DBANK.COM FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM MEDIUM TELEGRAM
  5. ICO dates: 1 April 2018 - 30 April 2018 JOIN SALE
  6. ABOUT US Cutting Edge Decentralized Wireless Infrastructure for the Caribbean WEBSITE https://www.horizoncomm.co WHITEPAPER https://www.horizoncomm.co/feast-content/uploads/Horizon-Whitepaper.pdf BOUNTY CAMPAIGN IS LIVE https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2964027.msg30443953#msg30443953 PRIVATE PRESALE IS LIVE FOR $10k+ USD TOKEN BUYERS - CONTACT US HERE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLOCKCHAIN is the future of finances and data WIRELESS is the future of communications Horizon Communications is an wireless ISP using next generation technology, blockchain integration and high speed data services to our customers. During our initial launch, Horizon will be establishing into the Country of Bermuda and BVI in 2018. As we grow, Horizon will be looking to deploy in to similar markets, other Caribbean Islands and in the near future parts of Central and South America. Business Profitability in Bermuda With capturing only 15% of the home and small business market, within a few years in our initial launch, Horizon aims to bring in an estimated $43.7 million in gross revenues, with $26.2 million in gross expenses leaving a cumulative net income of approximately $17.5 million over that period. As Horizon Expands into cell phone services and other markets, we expect our profit to increase substantially. Expansion into other markets Horizon's advanced technology allows for tremendous range and coverage. This means Horizon only needs 4 distribution towers, allowing us to 95% of Bermuda's homes and businesses, as well as offshore coverage of 15+ miles. Horizon will deliver full Telecom services at launch including: Horizon Communications is offering our Token, the HRZN Token, to buyers. There is a 45-60% bonus given during the pre-sale and the 10-30% bonus in our tiers during the ICO. MINIMUM PURCHASE IS 0.15 ETH / 150 HRZN Horizon will only accept ETH during the initial public presale. We plan to integrate Shapeshift before the ICO to accept a multitude of Crypto currencies(alt coins). Shapeshift converts non ETH cypto currency into ETH which can then be used to purchase the HRZN Token. WARNING!! You cannot use any cryptocurrency exchange wallet addresses like Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, etc. Transferring ETH from these wallets will result in an irreversible loss of ETH! Customers MUST have an ETH/ERC20 wallet address to receive HRZN Tokens. Advantages for Token Holders • Bi-yearly profits sent to Token Holders as dividends and buyback options for Token Holders. • Discounts on Horizon Telecom Services, for those in and traveling through our coverage area • Use of data storage services, at our data center and through our future partners at a reduced price • VPN services through Horizon and our blockchain partners via Bermuda and other future locations • Reduced costs of cellular service and data charges through Horizon and our worldwide telecom partners with our sim cards once established • Purchasing services will be discounted to the USD price when paid using Horizon Tokens • Owners of the Horizon Token (HRZN) who are living or traveling in the area's Horizon has coverage will be able to buy services from Horizon (Internet, Cellular, VoIP, IPTV etc), at a reduced price from market rates. Token Holders will enjoy benefits and discounts on other services that Horizon provides through our partners. These services are intended to be used from anywhere in the world. Horizon also intends on developing additional capacity in undersea networks around the Caribbean. Services such as hosting in our data centers, selling excess bandwidth and other ISP features, using decentralized and encrypted blockchain technologies, will be offered at a reduced rate to our Token Holders. Company Structure Horizon intends, after our capital raise, to launch 3 separate companies. - Horizon Global in Cayman Islands - Horizon Bermuda - Horizon BVI Horizon Global will be a Cayman Islands based company and the parent company for our entities throughout our expansion, with each company having a separate entity. Our team structure will be as intended and considered below. HORIZON has been extremely fortunate to put together a very experienced launch team and are some of the best worldwide in Telecom, Information Technology and International Business. Once successfully funded we intend to have 7 employees + contractors coming on board for our pre-launch, 10 for our 1st year of operation and up to 25 expected in our 2nd year. GILBERT A DARRELL Founder, President and CEO Horizon Communications is led by Gilbert A Darrell, with 17 years of experience in Information Technology and Telecoms. Led multiple projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Energizer and Siemens. Has been developing Horizon Communications for 18 months. Gilbert is an adopter of cryptocurrency technology, having started in the space in early 2013 running a large cryptocurrency mining farm, advised companies on blockchain implementation and helped promote Bitcoin, Dash, Vertcoin, Ethereum etc. Gilbert is also a member of the Bermuda Government Cryptocurrency Task Force, formed in Nov 2017 in order to attract blockchain based companies to Bermuda. http://bernews.com/2017/11/blockchain-working-group-members-announced/ As his "2nd" job he is a New York State Firefighter and Paramedic with 18 years experience Emergency Services. OUR TEAM POTENTIAL PARTNERS AND VENDORS
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    I don’t think it is just about knowing the news, but it is about having idea of it when the thing matters or is hot. If we figure out when majority does, then it means there is not much benefit from it. So, it is absolutely must to be step ahead of the rest. That is exactly what I attempt to do with Cryptonewstrends. It is one-stop shop when it comes to having news on the spot to help stay ahead of the rest!
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    This'a a good idea..i will talk about it with our developer Thanks so much
  11. VEXANIUM Utilizing blockchain technology, we are building a marketplace that allows merchants to tokenize their rewards and promote their products efficiently WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN Whitepaper: https://www.vexanium.com/files/whitepaper-vexanium.pdf Website: https://vexanium.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/vexanium Telegram: https://t.me/vexaniumcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/vexanium Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vexanium/
  12. Hi Everyone, Has anyone here ever used the Coinmarket app and Tabtrader app? Can you give me a comparative evaluation between the two applications? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two applications? Thank you!!! Coinmarket: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mon.coinmarket.trader Tabtrader: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tabtrader.android
  13. VEXANIUM Utilizing blockchain technology, we are building a marketplace that allows merchants to tokenize their rewards and promote their products efficiently WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN =- Whitepaper : https://www.vexanium.com/files/whitepaper-vexanium.pdf Website: https://vexanium.com Facebook : https://facebook.com/vexanium Telegram : https://telegram.com/vexanium Twitter : https://twitter.com/vexanium.com]https://twitter.com/vexanium.com Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/vexanium/
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    No works flawless for what I use it for. Currently I just have a favorites list. It would be nice if you could get a more detailed chart by rotating phone. Just an idea.
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    Big updated!!! *Android Version
  17. If you would like to join discussion, send me a request. Just finalizing a new recruiter.
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    Nice app!!! Thanks so much Do you have any problem when using this app?
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    Yes I do like the app, a lot. I use it multiple times a day.
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    Nice app!!!
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    Big Update 03-05
  22. Any news? Or WDC is officially dead?
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    Updated new feature and fix bug
  24. Project name VL Coin ICO Token name and ticker symbol VL Coin Blockchain Used Ethereum What are Cryptocurrencies anyway? Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency which uses encryption methodologies to adjust the formation of units of currency and verifying fund transfers that are operated independently without any authority involved as medium. These cryptocurrencies are decentralized and completely away from any authority that is governing the real money. Though digital currencies have multiple usage, now-a-day these currencies are often utilized in crowdsale i.e. funds raised by startups for a cause in the form of Initial Coin Offering. If you take away all the noise around cryptocurrencies and reduce it to a simple definition, you find it to be just limited entries in a database no one can change without fulfilling specific conditions. This may seem ordinary, but, believe it or not: this is exactly how you can define a currency. About VL Coin A disruptive decentralized blockchain solution for transparent fund management for NGO/Foundation and Government organizations. India's largely growing cryptocurrency is here, VL Coin. The comfort method to sell and buy goods as INR, with VL coin the traditional method of trading is made effortless. Unlike other cryptocurrency VL coin enables fastest peer to peer payments in the world with just a click. The best part about VL coin is that it is open source, not governed by any central authorities in making global payments. With mathematically secured network any individual has control over their self-financial transactions. A strong proof for VL coin's efficiency is that you can make lightning transactions with very less confirmation time coupled with increased storage compared to other similar cryptocurrencies. With considerable industry comfort & merchandising VL coin is the only means of trading alternative to Bitcoin. Important Dates: ICO Start Date: 15th Feb 2018 ICO End Date: 20th April 2018 Other Stats: Open registration: 30000 Price in dollars: $0.16 Happy customers: 23768 Transactions done: 24998 One line catch phrase A disruptive decentralized blockchain solution for transparent fund management for NGO/Foundation and Government organization. Concept description 1. To give a transparent solution for NGO/Foundation and government organization for accurate fund management and deliver the promised to the end user. 2. VL coin will be used in B2B market such as e-commerce and we have tied up with few e-commerce partners for the same. How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects VL Coin aims to be the best blockchain technology for fund management in NGO/Government organizations with total transparency among users. Incorporated company's country: UK VL Coin Explained: Detailed Road Map: 2013-2016 The process of innovating the concept, developing the process and bringing the process to reality. 2017 Q1 Legal Body Establishment Business Strategy & Planning Disruptive Decentralized Platform Prototype Development 2017 Q2-Q3 We have also started voting from users to have such kind of solutions for fund management in our foundation. 2018 FEB We are starting ICO that will be conducted in 4 phases. 2018 JAN Public Announcement Marketing & PR Launching Token Crowdfunding Events. 2017 Q4 Started legal process for Whitepaper. 2018 Q3 R&D center implementation for implementing the Blockchain based solution in foundations to handle fund management. 2019-2020 Implementation of our Blockchain solution with atleast 5 foundations including Winzir foundation. 2022 Go globally for all the interested foundations. Top reason to use VL coin: · Inter connected wallet · Easy to use · Time saver · Complete privacy · Global presence · Secured transactions For More Info: To participate in our ICO visit us at https://www.virtuallakshmi.com/ Be in touch: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/vlcoinofficial Twitter - https://twitter.com/vlcoinofficial Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/u/1/103795040222554994202 LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/13446176 Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5u_0i7n4Xz7iFfMB2kyJw Github - https://github.com/vlcoinofficial Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/vlcoinofficial/ Telegram - https://t.me/joinchat/G02c6xASDS84z_5B8YeFsg Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/user/VLCoin/ Slack - https://vlcoinofficial.slack.com/ Bitcoin Talk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1778975
  25. Website: https://btk.community Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HLlnQw9SOw6HzYIehZOCMw Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bitcoin_token Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinToken/ (Note: This announcement is an abbreviation of our official whitepaper: https://btk.community/bitcointoken-whitepaper.pdf ) BitcoinToken is a de-centralized Currency on blockchain technology. Open Source. Community run and maintained. It is a currency ultimately owned by the people who posses it, a financial system owned by individuals not a large entity. BitcoinToken is not an ICO but a radical step towards repeating and improving the legacy of the original Bitcoin in creating a de-centralized currency, by the people for the people. Unlike other cryptocurrency ventures that seeks to sell all or almost their entire tokens during their ICO, BitcoinToken is designed to be majorly distributed as awards to adopters for maintenance and continual improvement of the project. The remaining large portion of tokens are to be airdropped freely. This again is another attempt to start a movement of a crypto community that can not be controlled by major donors or financial investors but each person of the community adds the value to the currency. Instead of nodes it is people. Instead of business decisions, it is a passionate individuals adopting a new way of thinking and transferring money through blockchain technology. A NEW SOLUTION NEEDED With larger adoption Bitcoin has run into problems like scalability, its price-point is daunting to investors or for common day usage. Mining prices to sustain the network have become astronomical in energy consumption. The time and fees of the TX have made the currency un-usable for day to day transactions with waiting periods of up to 30 minutes or longer. These; among others, are the problems that inspired the creation of (BTK) BitcoinToken. Despite the challenges associated with bitcoin, a lot of investors still want to participate in its market. To this end, BTK is introduced as a platform for easy, fast, affordable and efficient use of bitcoin. The solution is centered around giving people (BTK community) the ability to comfortably use bitcoin through a scalable alias – BTK. OUR VISION One ailment of the crypto-currency world is over technicality and confusing jargon. We believe that blockchain technology can be delivered to a larger user-base with simplicity, and less confusion. BitcoinToken is striving to be one of the leaders in adoption for everyday use of digital currency. We intend to simplify and bring the powerful peer to peer ledger system into the hands of every day people who will utilize it everyday transactions. Our vision to accomplish this is to put the community and people first. We regularly speak of ourselves as a community currency and enjoy the simple comments and interactions of new users to blockchain technology. We allow them to dictate how we should make things easier and more effective for their use. We also are community run and desire to set the framework of an open source system where this currency will perpetuate with the community in control not a large investor or any larger centralized entity. We desire for BTK to remain and continue as a decentralized currency for the people. OBJECTIVES E-commerce Applications BitcoinToken is looking to make the bitcoin currency easily transferable and liquid-able for purchasing power. We are already in talks with various companies that we believe are spearheading the way forward to integration with all major existing e-commerce online platforms. The current TX rates can be as low as .2 cents, so this makes our solution strongly competitive with Paypal or Stripe who charge 2.9%+ for each transaction of money. So our goal is to have BitcoinToken available to be used by small businesses or websites as method of payment or donation to transfer funds. Technology Upgrades BitcoinToken is to provide a stable cryptocurrency that will be trusted and adopted. We are currently utilizing the Ethereum blockchain as we have started an ERC20 token under their system. Our circulation of tokens is 10 billion with a decimal point of 18 and our contract address is: 0xdb8646f5b487b5dd979fac618350e85018f557d4. The Ethereum platform is trusted and utilized by very large companies and is a very forward thinking blockchain. We have discussed amongst developers the need to continue to evaluate the long-term durability of the ETH blockchain and if we need to start our own blockchain. So we have not closed the door to this possibility depending on the adoption rate of BitcoinToken and it’s scalability issues. Educating Users BitcoinToken is very sensitive to the need to educate people on blockchain technology in a simple user-friendly fashion. This objective is close to the heart of the project in putting people and their needs first in ensuring adoption of the technology is easy and even fun. Our platform is open source and also spreads further education and forward thinking of the blockchain technology, spurring on innovation. World-Wide Community BitcoinToken since its foundation has been a world-wide currency. Developers from many countries, advisors, innovators and volunteers on social media have been from varied parts of the world. This has become part of our DNA to cater to the needs of translation work and adoption of blockchain technology in countries all over the world. This is another way that blockchain technology is disrupting the financial sector is that it is rewarding not only the rich but poor in any part of the world. We are excited to have team members joining from all walks of life and social status to be a part of BitcoinToken. Usability BitcoinToken will make blockchain technology less daunting for the end user and give people renewed confidence in this pioneering way of transferring funds through a peer to peer digital network. From our custom applications to partnerships with like-minded teams, we are seeking to make this technology as user-friendly as possible. PROJECT ASPECTS A) Anonymity Since the beginning of BitcoinToken there has been an desire from many of the team members to remain anonymous in their contributions. This has helped the team focus on the main project and ensure steady growth. We see the same in the original vision of bitcoin, anonymity was also part of its success. Our goal is results that are tangible in user-interaction and adoption and not to focus on the developers behind the scenes. Decentralized Many ERC20 tokens starting are used by businesses that are centralized entities. The original vision of blockchain technology is to operate in a way that is peer to peer and not a part of any centralized hub. The genius of this technology is that it runs and works apart from the control of any one individual. Whether utilizing the ETH blockchain or starting our own. The goal will be to ensure a de-centralized model is maintained. C) Open Source In keeping with the spirit of many projects in the crypto world we desire to be open source with everything that is developed. From Wallet Apps to any E-commerce applications. Everything will be open source or released onto Github after initial development This will allow for further innovation and for anyone to take part in improving BitcoinToken. D) No Large Pre-Mine We are disseminating the currency in a way that will not allow for whales or large investors of a certain extend to own the currency at the beginning. This gives an equal fair share for investors of all types. Being a token and not a mineable currency we are ensuring wide distribution in varying amounts. E) Large Airdrop Airdropping of token currencies is a fad right now as a PR stunt for many new tokens starting. We are looking to airdrop not just part of the currency but the lion-share to a large-user base. This will set us apart from many of the tokens starting that are essentially doing a small airdrop to boost recognition of their branding. We estimate as much as 70-80% will be airdropped being the other 20-30% is used for bounties, investor funding and rewards (not payment) for initial development work done for BitcoinToken. F) Community A big focus is the development of a strong and large community that is active and helping dictate the future of the BitcoinToken currency. We see the value of the currency in its community and this will ensure the long-term durability of development, innovation and use of BitcoinToken. G) Mass-Adoption An important aspect of this project is its outward focused goal of mass adoption rate. Innovation and improvement to the blockchain technology is important but if it is not being used it becomes just test-tube experiments but not applied to real-life. We believe in its adoption to a large user-base of even non-crypto minded people that the technology will have to adapt and change and this will bring innovation otherwise not thought of. H) Simplicity A question asked over and over again in this project is “can it be done more simply.” The complexity of many systems that utilize bitcoin technology narrow the field of usability. BitcoinToken strives to be unique amongst digital currencies to keep things simple, user-friendly and even fun to use. TECHNICAL DATA Token Name: BitcoinToken Token Symbol: BTK Token Decimal: 18 Tokens in Circulation: 10,000,000,000 Contract Address: 0xdb8646f5b487b5dd979fac618350e85018f557d4 ROADMAP (MAJOR EVENTS) First Quarter of 2018 - Completion and launch of Referral Script / Smart Contract code to garner a possible 100k followers through this #airdrop - Translation and release of the official [ANN] announcement in 20+ languages. Second Quarter of 2018 - Addition of 1-2 medium sized exchanges for more liquidity for BitcoinToken and investment potential (and also spur on price growth). - Continued development of native BitcoinToken (BTK) IOS and Android Wallet APP. Third Quarter of 2018 - Partnership with E-commerce integration businesses to ensure adoption of BitcoinToken for small businesses and online spending. - Translation of native BitcoinToken (BTK) IOS and Android Wallet APP into 50+ languages. Fourth Quarter of 2018 - Addition of 1-2 larger exchanges for more liquidity for BitcoinToken and investment potential. - Addition of BitcoinToken into currency into on-demand exchangers. - The possible release of the native BitcoinToken (BTK) IOS and Android Wallet in APP stores. 
 LOOKING BEYOND (2019-2020) In the fast-pace crypto world everything can change in one year! Our main longer goals would be larger user-adoption and on-going development of our APP. Integration with cutting edge platforms into e-commerce and other methods of transferring monetary value. We will continually be petitioning for larger and more extensive open source development help and ensure a public free decentralized platform for the furthering of the project. We intend to see increased value and use of BitcoinToken over time. JOINING WITH #BTK BitcoinToken is a tremendous opportunity for someone who is looking to invest in blockchain technology. We believe with large user adoption and holding of the currency there will be increased value and demand for BitcoinToken (BTK). Many projects start with ICO’s or pre-made business models that ensure that the company or entity is first in reward. We intend to reverse this where the people themselves are rewarded as early adopters for a pro-longed period of time. Join us! Be a part of crypto-currency history and enjoy the benefits for yourself. Our currency is available at a variety of exchanges, but our recommended avenue for investors is the Token Store (a safe trust-less decentralized exchange) that we have partnered with initially and will continue in that relationship. We welcome your questions and ideas, we are here to serve you: talk@btk.community DISCLAIMER Please note that this document is not a prospectus. It was constituted for informational purposes only, in order to present BitcoinToken products. Be aware that no purchase is necessary. You are free to take part in the project or not. It is your responsibility to review the existing laws in your country before buying BitcoinToken. You must read, understand and accept the terms of this document https://btk.community/bitcointoken-whitepaper.pdf before involving yourself in the project.[/sup] Disclaimer: I am only the Bounty Campaign Manager for this project. I am paid only to manage this project's bounty campaign and post this announcement thread. I will not be held responsible should the developers/project's team fail to reach their stated goals/obligations to the bounty participants, investors and everyone else. Join (on their bounty campaign) or Invest (on their ICO) at your own risk.
  26. This is an Updated Announcement Thread since we made HUGE CHANGES in our Program Terms, Features, Policies, etc for the betterment of the community on their special requests. For Detailed Information. Please visit : https://www.ricona.io/latestnews.ph REUTERS ANNOUNCEMENT HERE BOUNTY | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER RICONA COIN (RCA) Witness a New Era of Cryptocurrency Lending with "MultiCryptoCurrency Switching Technology" Bounty Thread is Live Here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2862315 WHAT IS RICONA COIN? Ricona Coin is a REVOLUTION in peer to peer decentralized transactions with ability to lend Or trade in multi Cryptocurrencies (Not only in USD). Currently, all of the lending platforms work on Fiat Lending System to deliver returns based on Dollar value but at Ricona, we aim to deliver return in initial cryptocurrency of the user (even ONE STEP FURTHER of that, keep exploring). For example, if a user chose to lend his bitcoin Or ethereum & get interest in the same cryptocurrency (with a lock in period of say 90 days), he will get his daily interest (in the initial crypto) PLUS the increased value of the currency during that tenure (which could have been 2x Or 10x in 90 days). This way, he does NOT ONLY earn interest on %age value appreciation of the invested crypto BUT would also multiply his return with the growth of the coin. This unique concept has been unseen (or may be avoided for obvious reasons) by all lending platforms yet but it has an ability to change the Crypto lending game forever. WHAT MAKES RCA DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS We are a Challenge for lending platforms, with our Unique "Multi CryptoCurrency Switching" technology which allow users to Earn Daily Interest for their desired Crypto Currency with an ability to Switch their Initial crypto currency whenever they want. For example, if a user Lends his Bitcoin (with weekly return of say 5%) and he notices that Ethereum has given 7% return for the same period, then he can switch his Primary Lending Currency from Bitcoin to Ethereum (or Vice versa). The "Switched Over Currency" would also include his previous 5% (Or whatever) return as well. Our Smart Currency Converter would Exchange your Currency on the fly at competitive market prices.(minimum 1 Week lock-in required for First Switching and 2 weeks thereafter) WE ARE PIONEER IN OFFERING 50:50 SCHEME We will now be selling only half of the number of coins, the other half will be distributed as a bonus among the investor at a 1:1 ratio. So, if an investor purchases 100 RCA during our ICO, another 100 RCA will be awarded to them as a bonus. But the bonus coins will be locked for lending only. In simple terms, any investor who buys 100 coins will receive 200 coins in total. Of which, the bonus 100 coins will automatically be locked by the system and entered into our lending plan, kick starting the daily income for the user after lending starts on our platform. The other 100 RCA can be used for trading, selling or multi-currency exchange once our internal exchange opens DAILY INTEREST PAYMENT ALONG WITH EARLY WITHDRAWAL OPTION Investors will now receive DAILY interest on their investments instead of the WEEKLY interest as per the earlier plan. They will also have the freedom to withdraw their interests daily or reinvest it with us to maximize their benefits utilizing our compounding interest feature. The interest component would be paid in the user's basic (Lent) currency. For example, if a user has lent BTC, he will get paid his interest in BTC and if he switches his currency to some other one, he would then get paid in his new currency. Users also have the option to withdraw any portion of their interest (half, one-third or any other percentage) and reinvest the remaining portion into the lending plan. This interest plan also applies to the interest earned on the locked coins (bonus) after a month (30-day) time period from the start of their lending plan. HOSTED STAKING OPTION TO BE ADDED SOON We are going to add Hosted Staking as an additional option OR a complete replacement of Lending Program based on the community voting just after the ICO ends. Apart from that, We have added Buyback Option, Anti-Dumping Policy, Anytime Funds Withdrawal and Unsold coins burning after the ICO ends. Complete details can be seen at : https://www.ricona.io/latestnews.php MAXIMUM SUPPLY (Hardcap) OF 28 MILLION COINS MAXIMUM Supply of just 28 Million Ricona Coins from which Only 4.55 Million are on Sale PLUS 4.55 Million would be distributed FREE under 1:1 Bonus Sceme (so just 9.1 Million RCA Coins Available during ICO period). The 50% Free Bonus coins would be Locked for Staking/Lending Purpose to kick start the daily income for the user after staking/lending starts on our platform. USE CASE OF RICONA (RCA) COINS Apart from the personal use, like sending money to family or friends OR paying for goods/services online, RCA coins can also be used by merchants/traders/other businesses as a secure and decentralized mode of payment just like bitcoin with complete security and privacy. Also, investors can buy RCA coins to trade for profit Or as an asset for future appreciation. Once its demand surpasses the supply, the cost of RCA coins would sky rocket due to limited supply (just like Bitcoin) MINING POOL/BLOCK EXPLORER Soon to be operational once ICO finishes. (as per Roadmap) at http://www.ricona.info RCA COIN SPECIFICATIONS Name: Ricona Symbol: RCA MaximumSupply: 28 Million ICOSupply: 9.1 Million (Only 4.55 Million on Sale) DecimalPlaces: 8 Algorithm: SCRYPT (POW/POS) MiningPool: YES (as per roadmap) CoinBaseMaturity: 60 Blocks BlockReward: 24 RCA PriceStarts: $0.69 WALLETS LTC and BTC Wallets are Active Now RCA Web Wallet Also Active Now Android and iOS Wallet available as per Roadmap Official Website https://www.Ricona.io Official Whitepaper https://www.ricona.io/Ricona-Whitepaper.pdf INITIAL COIN OFFERING COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RiconaOfficial Twitter https://twitter.com/RiconaOfficial Instagram https://www.instagram.com/RiconaOfficial Email support@ricona.io To Your Success Ricona Team
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