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  2. Update: Please apply using Riot, don't use the forum/inbox for sensitive data.
  3. Hi! Very happy with this message! I've been working as a prototype mechanical engineer for ASML (world leading manufacturer in chip-making equipment) for 6 years. So don't think I can contribute software-wise. But I'm very curious about the progress regarding WDC to see where I can step in if I can be of any use. Will there be updates on this forum about the progress after the dev discussion will move to Riot? Cheers guys!
  4. my id is @cryptojunky:matrix.org
  5. Chinese 'partners'

    news sites starting to catch this: http://www.ad-hoc-news.de/wirtschaft/a-peculiar-cryptocurrency-named-after-the-russian-president-putincoin/55660938 http://adevarul.ro/international/in-lume/putincoinpe-urmele-bitcoin-noua-moneda-virtuala-incearca-ia-avant-timp-rusii-gandesc-evite-sanctiunile-internationale-1_5a33ea055ab6550cb83a439c/index.html https://firenewsfeed.com/politics/880489 http://www.cetusnews.com/business/PutinCoin-surges-126%-on-cryptocurrency-exchange.BySLeYQZMf.html http://today.news.itthon.ma/news/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://lnews.shafaqna.com/rss/EN/US/112197 http://world.auke.hu/news/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://russia.trendolizer.com/2017/12/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange.html http://gatherdom.com/news/520435/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange http://dieselgasoil.com/business/putincoin-surges-126-on-cryptocurrency-exchange/ and more
  6. Chinese 'partners'

    Expect a price increase for this coin Putin coin got mentioned on Russia Today https://www.rt.com/business/413303-putin-coin-surge-cryptocurrency/
  7. my id is @s7ryker:matrix.org
  8. Blockchain Miner ( Bitcoin Miner)

    Blockchain Miner ( Bitcoin Miner) https://www.sendspace.com/file/x8q2yy
  9. Hello Worldcoiners, You have all been waiting very patiently so thank you for that. I'll be making a special appearance in light of recent events to get things started. I have spent many hours researching and thinking about the best way to go about repopulating the WDC team. I finally settled on a service with beta end-to-end encrypted messaging rooms called Riot made by a company called Matrix. Why is Matrix a good option for WDC? Supports multiple OS Open Source E2E by default if enabled in room. (Beta) Decentralized Supports Cryptocurrency API could be connected to WDC services Email on sign up not required What now? There will be 5 phases of recruitment, we will be entering Phase 1 which will begin with the population of the Worldcoin Lounge Tier 0. Phase 1 Tier 0 = Worldcoin Lounge Tier 1 = Worldcoin Discussion or Worldcoin Dev Discussion. To progress into Tier 1, Phase 1 recruiters will evaluate from the lounge who should be included. This is to ensure group chat is productive, stays on topic with sensitive data protected. How can I join Riot? You will be applying to join the Worldcoin Lounge which is Tier 0 and for casual chat. We currently have the following Phase I recruiters: diego86:matrix.org vitalicus:matrix.org Sign up, choose the respective app for your device by visiting this page. After creating your user, log out and back in to refresh account creation Inbox one of recruiters using their above usernames on Riot, please edit room settings and enable room encryption when discussing 1 to 1 to protect your data. Continue to tell the recruiter how you can contribute to WDC (Skills, background etc), this is an application, without it you will not be accepted into the group chat. They will ask you a series of questions to see what rooms you could potentially belong in. My Matrix ID is @accept:matrix.org, do not trust anyone claiming to be me if the ID doesn’t match. If you think you've got what it takes to be a recruiter, please comment on this thread for consideration.
  10. $500,000,000,000

    Yeah and litecoin, shit. Wish I didnt sell a chunk of them back in the day. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda. Words investors live by. Along with "what if".
  11. $500,000,000,000

    I can't believe the Dash price, to be honest. I remember when we were in top10 and Dash was nothing. Guess that hard work pays after all
  12. $500,000,000,000

    I agree 100% with cryptojunky. WDC was a goldmine but slowness of committee(or forming committee) is fatal for WDC's success for this round. There will be another rounds I'm sure but every round-fail assures new investors to avoid WDC in the future. I can't believe that such an opportunity is wasted just because of apathy of decision makers of present. Damit guys, WDC is the fastest coin in the market now (in theory, but not in real) unlike team behind the coin who is the slowest in the world where quick decisions are essential for success.
  13. | Mimic App Website | Mimic ICO | White Paper | Bounty Thread *TBA* Imagine having a huge media presence and a huge audience in one place and simply introduce the idea of a social cryptocurrency to the world's youth knowing that they will use the cryptocurrency as they use dollars or euros. Mimic is a movement that gives you the power of targeted virality. It’s a platform consisting of several key factors: people, communities, videos and, finally, the app that brings them all together. It's based on the key insight that the allure of virality isn’t in the number of views. It's about people following your example. It's about you setting a benchmark which someone will try to copy and make better - out of respect or a simple desire for improvement.
  14. DeepOnion Community

    DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network. We increase the level of privacy for our crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. With DeepOnion, you can send and receive onions (ONION) over the TOR network. With DeepOnion your anonymity is guaranteed, you can send and receive private transactions using the DeepOnion wallet.
  15. DeepOnion: The Future of Anonymous Cryptocurrency!

    This is a nice summary, OP, but I want to add something. You forgot to talk about the DeepVault feature. It allows to hash and verify files directly on the blockchain, and it opens many future possibilities for authors, legal documents etc that need proof of authenticity. I believe the DeepOnion is much undervalued right now, I think we will see in the next months how important a truly secure crypto technology is (not just the money transaction tech, but also the DeepVault).
  16. DeepOnion is accurately reliable and secured. However, it is built on TOR network that facilitate advanced security and privacy. Currently at its week 22 of airdrop stage with $4 market value at its peak. It also have DeepSend that aids anonymous payment. It has a large Community with great number of members. DeepOnion to the Moon.
  17. DeepOnion is accurately reliable and secured. However, it is built on TOR network that facilitate advanced security and privacy. Currently at its week 22 of airdrop stage with $4 market value at its peak. It also have DeepSend that aids anonymous payment. It has a large Community with great number of members. DeepOnion to the Moon.
  18. I started to know deeponion last week.After witnessing the miracle that bitcoin has created this year, I believe many people have begun to pay attention to the virtual currency and the block chain. But there are so many virtual coins on the market, and many people don't know which kind of money to know and invest. DeepOnion is an anonymous encrypted electronic currency that is naturally integrated with the TOR network. The 10% anonymity features and a good team made it rise rapidly in a few short months, a very anonymous coin worth starting.
  19. DeepOnion is here to stay and dominate the crypto market! It's so undervalued at this point of time ... and people are jumping into other cryptocurrencies which have not a single good feature released. DeepOnion with all the recently added features like DeepVault and DeepSend is going to go BOOM and go for the moon and beyond in no time. Just check the roadmap and you'll see for yourselves
  20. DeepOnion: The Future of Anonymous Cryptocurrency!

    Deep onion will be remembered as the steel of 2017. As we move into 2018 privacy coins will become very important as government start to crack down on users. grab a hundred onions and stick them in your wallet and watch them grow
  21. Altcoin news

    Blochchain review startup. ICO & cryptocurrency news in telegram channel https://t.me/blockchaininvestio . ICO calendar & review ICO. Crypto & Bitcoin news.
  22. $500,000,000,000

    Yes. This is a memorable moment in crypto history. Even though cryptos are in their infant stages, I think there is a major correction looming. Especially with bitcoin. However don't by any means go by what Im saying, its just me speculating. I was wrong with ethereum going from $8 to $20 to $200, etc. I expected a major correction with that too and I was wrong. However all these prices are sky rocketing i.e. ripples, lumens/stellars, potcoin, vericoin and more. They all have 1 thing in common, they all have long history. And here we have worldcoin. As old as the crypto hills, if you will. And hanging out at $0.0185 roughly. Could be worse no doubt. But it should be much higher. And I ask why. Quite simple really. No development or even minor changes to fix the block issues. No committee. Nothing but being stagnant. No new devs stepping forward to help. Nothing, nada, zip. I know a committee is in the works ( slowly in the works), but worldcoin is a gold mine waiting to be dug up. It has the name and the "30s block time" and a really nice functional wallet (for now) with many more features. I just think we are behind the curve. We need some momentum to get her going again.
  23. $500,000,000,000

    Total market cap went over $500,000,000,000 Any thoughts ?
  24. I am not new to the world of investing. I invest in all sorts of different commodities. Recently I turned my eye to the privacy issues on the web. I needed a crypto that I could use online through TOR network and at the same time a coin that I could invest in from the beginning. Lots of good features are planned for Deep Onion and the developers seem to be very willing to work with supporters to implement suggestions.
  25. Hi everyone I am sharing my story about crypto currencies It was hot sunny day back in June of 2017 when I started this business and I invested and earned from many currencies but one currency who takes me from earth to moon within no time I think is deeponion . It is anonymous crypto currency having very unique features and it is highly secure using TOR network which keeps you untraceable other than this they have unique feature of deepvault and in future they are going to introduce DeepSend very soon. I am loving it and I hope this will heal my regrets.
  26. I'm pretty much sure about DeepOnion, it is an anonymous cryptocurrency. Now all peoples have looked to the DeepOnion in hopes of a totally anonymous cryptocurrency. There's been a lot of talk about cryptocurrency called DeepOnion in the crypto market. DeepOnion is only one in crypto market from which we can earn more or more Onions easier via each airdrop. DeepOnion transactions are untraceable because it connected with TOR network. When you are logged in DeepOnion it means your are connected with TOR network, if you are connected with TOR network it means you are connected with another TOR network nodes after access in nodes your IP address is not registered it will be hide by TOR network and it will provide/created you it's own ID. So, In my opinion DeepOnion gives us a good chance to make our life better, we should earn more or more Onions from DeepOnion and HOLD them, wait for the right time. Day by day the pricing of Onions are rising in crypto market and I hope it will reaches at the Moon, then we sell our Onions and solve financial or whatever. Thanks!
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