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    Best post I read in a long time!!! Problem is we had that already but now its not working it was 1) FAST 2) SECURE 3) UNIQUE Cant get much simpler than this???
  3. Committee

    That's it, s7ryker! That's what I said to my beautiful wife. Look beyond the technicalities and see that this can be a real game changer. How about joining the committee? Let's make this no-frills coin a reality. We can help people in the street buy WDC and hence be involved in cryptocurrencies. In other words, people can have a better future via Worldcoin. We can work with this thought of helping everyone and see how far WDC goes
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  5. Committee

    That's the problem...Everyone has an idea the way the coin development should go.(Based on education, age, and other factors ). My opinion (based on my marketing skills): If it is easy ...then I can sell it. I will explain a bit: If we can make a coin that requires the least amount of time (and clicks)...let's say 1-2 min download wallet and another 1-2 min to buy the coin then I can sell this. BTW I'm not selling the coin..i'm selling the idea. Ads example:"Remember when Bitcoin was 10 cents? Wished you had bought some in the past?. Now you have another chance with Worldcoin. BUY NOW for a Bright Future" Then the user should go click click click..credit card...wdc in wallet As you can see I'm not selling a technology. I'm not explaining ppl what wdc is or how it works... They will not understand it anyway. I'm selling a chance, I'm selling a future without worries. Everybody understands this. Ask yourself: wish you had a chance to buy a future without worries ?? or to buy a cryptocoin with 30 sec block time ,2 confirmation , that retargets every hour with 20,160 blocks , with a block reward that reduced itself with 1% every week with a total of 265,420,800 coins based on scrypt tehnology, that uses a Proof-of-work mining protocol. Good luck selling that to someone.
  6. Committee

    Thanks, Cryptoid! Greetings to Ireland! The idea is to form a committee first as we can definitely move better with it. It's really a no-lose situation. Berzeck is clearly tired for now. And it'a no surprise, having soldiered on largely alone for ages. It's plain to me that we should forge forward and not hold back. How about selecting a position and throwing the challenge to the students? It's an exciting challenge and the cryptocurrency name has a most global feel to it, most appropriate for an assignment, it's not like some GrassCoin or Lizardcoin!
  7. Committee

    I wrote in the other thread that I am a college teacher and that I can give tasks like web or wallet development to interested students. But Berzeck's response was abysmal so I think its a no go. And maybe we should discuss the way this coin will go first? Chris from Ireland
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  10. Committee

    Sounds great! The important thing is to have a go at it and WDC is rudderless so we have nothing to lose LOL. I hope we can have a simple and effective team. Where are you from, LowHandicap?
  11. Committee

    Thanks for replying, RAPS. How about as Advisor? Would like to have you officially onboard. It's voluntary work so we contribute what we can.
  12. Committee

    Thank you, cryptojunky! We just need to fill up most/all the positions and hopefully, every one would need to do just a bit ok 😀
  13. Committee

    I got expertise on branding area. I think somebody should be in charge that the brand is tip top at all times. Currently it's not. What do you think?
  14. Committee

    I take a rain check on this one I am not good in any of this!!! What about Russian Natalya she can be the forum bitch
  15. Committee

    Im cryptojunky from Good Old New York. Bahhhhh ha ha who am I kidding "I Hate New York" I would volunteer for website management / illustrator. I work full time so I can contribute after work. I think multiple people should have access to forum as admins to remove spam as it pops up though. Should not be up to one person. I will also help out with $ for crowdfunding future development. However... I do not have any interest in handling any finances. Although I consider myself an honest person, I would not feel comfortable with that responsibility.
  16. Committee

    3. Personnel From Worldcoin Global Forum, there are 184 listed members as of today, from which I have shortlisted the below 15 personnel who have been actively posting and who I believe should volunteer to form the committee: Vitalicus Accept Berzeck MercotiqueSlack cryptojunky marecek666 Shveicar RAPS LowHandicap s7ryker Cryptoid Xanur bels vitjuhhino Diego What you can do for now: Decide on a role from the 10 positions listed in Functions and reply with your nationality. For me, Diego from Singapore for Advisor I know I have very limited expertise, being non-technical, and can take on only a tiny role i.e. posting on social media and contributing to crowdfunding, but I want to step up for WDC, and if she grows and there are better/more people in future, I would be more than happy to pass the baton over. I believe these are people who care for Worldcoin. Now is the time to step up!! Form the damn committee!!!! LOL If I missed some people or there are people who would like to be in this shortlist, please let us know. I believe there are quite a few people who have been holding WDC and/or have been silent observers. There are also people from the slack group we should invite over.
  17. Committee

    I can give access to all assets, but it would be good that some type of elections is performed by the community first... what do you guys think?
  18. Committee

    I see we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We need to decide what the next step is, and fast. Its great that we have a lot of ideas, but actions speak louder than words. And we have to put to gether a group and start taking action. @s7ryker Have you heard anything from that company you linked to willing to fork and fix worldcoin? Possibly an accurate quote from them.@MercotiqueSlack have you heard back from Berzerk about twitter account. @Accept I posted in another topic that I picked up facebook group worldcoin global. I locked it in so no one takes it, but whoever takes over social media I can transfer it to them. Also any info on setting up new slack channel. Once we have a quote on development we can start crowdfunding for it. @Berzeck is that something you would be willing to do on the website once we have worldcoin in motion?
  19. CRYPTOSDICE - bet and invest with Worldcoin!

    this company is a scam, plain and simple. I deposited some btc to invest it in being the casino bankrole, and when I divested and withdrew the btc, in 2 transactions, the company only sent me 1 of the transactions. this happened back in february, multiple support tickets, multiple emails, multiple posts on bitcoin talk, no answer, no btc. this company is a scam and steals your money, please avoid.
  20. Committee

    Thanks for stepping up, Mercotique!! WDC needs all the help right now and your contribution would be greatly appreciated!! I'd put you in the proposal and we'd see how the community feel. Personally am very excited to have you for Tweeter! 😀😀
  21. the problem is fixed and was posted in another thread
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  23. Tossing out ideas

    The development is paused for the moment, Joe. Personally, for me there is no need to reduce rewards
  24. This is a joke site. I bought WDC some months ago and I signed for this forum. No answer to my question, no activity here at all. This coin is dead. Very disappointed!
  25. Tossing out ideas

    What a joke site this is. This coins is dead!
  26. Committee

    Nice work man! Its good to see people taking care of WDC! I really want to be the Tweeter guy if the community is ok, i spend lot of time on tweeter and i can make great tweets and sneak old accounts who used to really love wdc to messaging them that wdc is alive
  27. Committee

    I further propose the below. There can be more than 1 personnel for each position, which is actually preferred! Please let me know what I missed. 2. Functions 2.1 Worldcoin Global website manager (maintain website) 2.2 Tweeter champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.3 Facebook champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.4 Slack champion (maintain and grow presence) 2.5 Crowdfunding champion (spearhead collection and safeguard funds) 2.6 Developer (maintain wallet and loosely monitor mining and hashrate activities) 2.7 Director (in charge of Roadmap) 2.8 Illustrator (suggest logos etc to improve on cosmetics) 2.9 Publicity (raise awareness of WDC in the community ie YouTube videos or community outreach programs) 2.10 Advisor (general role, including making social media posts)
  28. Slack Work space

    The invitation says "Failed! Something has gone wrong. Please contact a system administrator." but its cool so i gonna close my slack and redirect people to yours if more people are there
  29. Slack Work space

    I have also reserved slack channel https://worldcoin-global.slack.com/ :) Invitation here https://worldcoin.herokuapp.com/
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