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  2. WDC network

    Changes to the algorithm must be done or dedicated miner(s) must be found, otherway's the coin is doomed.
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  4. WDC network

    What has to be done to be up to date again? or is just nobady mining anymore?
  5. WDC network

    I looks like this coin is not maintained anymore unfortunately :-(
  6. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    I absolutely agree with that. However, it does not mean that, just because there is volume, there is a healthy market ;-)
  7. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    Volume is still key to a healthy market, be it bots or humans.
  8. jubi.com

    I'm sure Berzeck is making plans to solve the problem. It is summertime, maybe he is on vacation. Let's just wait and see what September brings us. On topic: I do NOT recommend jubi.com for people outside China. I have seen people having trouble not being able to withdraw their cryptos. They ask for a picture of your passport. I don't think you want a picture of your passport in the hands of someone you don't know.
  9. jubi.com

    I created account to jubi but as it turns out deposit of WDC is not possible. If you try to get adress for deposit you will get (google translated)message: World currency wallet exception, suspension of currency, the inconvenience caused to you, please understand. As I wrote before : something to the difficulty algorithm must be done ASAP or the coin will be doomed soon as useless.
  10. jubi.com

    Anybody can help me to create a account on jubi.com ? Or trading is only for chinesse citizens ?
  11. Wallet Won't Send Funds

    oops.. my bad, I had my pass written wrong ("blush" ). All good now. Although the wallet could notify in plain English that "sorry, your password was wrong. Please check your password." Just something for the devs to consider. Thanks.
  12. Wallet Won't Send Funds

    @Berzeck Any idea? Tried re-installing the WBC but no help.
  13. New web page final structure

    Any news here, my remarks about webpage are unanswered since weeks. Anybody left here!?
  14. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    The daily WDC volume does not mean much in times of automated (bot) trading. There are many coins nobody wants that are traded more heavily. Riddle me this if you disagree ;-)
  15. Wallet Won't Send Funds

    Hi, I'm having the same issue. For me restarting the wallet is not helping. Is the problem in network, or my wallet? Thanks. Log panel: "JSon RPC error! Connector: 'WDC'. Error: 'Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first.'. Code: '-13'"
  16. News and announcements, Worldcoin road map etc.

    But I am no MOD or Committee and I think THEY are all gone Question here is not answered in 4 weeks you make up the Math !!!
  17. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    WDC's daily volume is over 1mUSD all the time. Why isn't WDC in a single decent exchange? Market economy isn't working now..
  18. WDC value on Coinmarketcap.com VS exchange price

    If you have worldcoin on BTC38 or CNY you can still trade. You can use BTC38 english site http://www.btc38.com/trade_en.html?btc38_trade_coin_name=wdc
  19. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    I think they want to sell all their WDC coin, and don't accept deposit.
  20. WDC value on Coinmarketcap.com VS exchange price

    Thank you for the replies. Where is the WDC trading volume then as BTC38 is useless? Do you really need to know Chinese to trade WDC at the moment?
  21. News and announcements, Worldcoin road map etc.

    At least you're still here
  22. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    Actually, the moment the difficulty drops the multipools will kick in again. This will result in a higher hashrate and a low difficulty, which in turn we will have blocks faster than 1 minute. After 120 block, If I'm correct, the difficulty we will go higher in this case. We will have a high difficulty again. If the price doesn't go UP we will be in the same situation again if the multipools jump out of the network.
  23. News and announcements, Worldcoin road map etc.

    I think they are all gone
  24. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    What community is left ??? Also all committee is gone and no development in this coin !!!
  25. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    Actually Yes it will, at the current network hash rates the difficulty drops to appropriate level in a 1-1,5 month I suppose. If hash rate drops then 2-3 month is guaranteed. That's why I asked Berzeck is there a way to change of algorithm of difficulty adjustment-check for example to 10-block interval, but why not to 1-block interval. No answer since that. Maybe Berzeck is too busy to introduce his plans or thoughts about that. I'm sure he will do that in a near future. ..and since BTC community is quite split at that moment like I heard today I think we have to hold together even more.
  26. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    They are waiting for the blocktimes to recover, which will only happen if the price increases. A difficulty ajustment will not fix the issue I'm afraid
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